Posted by: Orlick | October 2, 2008

Noodle Bar – Manhattan, NY

Noodle Bar
26 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 524-6800
Categories: Vegetarian, Asian Fusion
Neighborhood: Manhattan/West Village
written: 11/27/2007

What’s that place in Disney land with the worlds? If they have a noodle bar in Chinaland, this is its twin sister. Very clean, solid red accents and lots of American tourists. When I tried to talk to the chefs behind the counter, I felt like they were there for visual effect only, no interaction, I was pointed to the waitress.

That waitress puts the orders into a computer on a wall, then behind that wall someone writes those orders in a language the chefs can understand. All of these unnecessary steps are removing me from the food. This culinary bureaucracy is somehow deafening the noodle bar gong (was that racist?).

My bbq pork noodle soup was okay, next time I will try the duck. I only got a whiff of one, and if it lives up to that whiff, I may swoon enough to fall Noodle Bar… Duck makes me a lovestruck fool.


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