Posted by: Orlick | October 1, 2008

Some Changes and Upcoming Announcements

I took off the links at the top for the coney island hot dog page, vegetarian week experiment, and dim sum guide. While these are stupendous posts, they do not deserve front billing. Instead, I created a Hall of Fame section on the side bar for posts like this which are the roots for many other posts. In order to do this, I had to make posts out of them which you will see below along with a Houlihans review that I originally wrote nearly a year ago.

I am majorly backed up on reviews. The rare places that I am discovering like Lunch Polo aren’t being shown here. They are only shown on my yelp page. I am going to put out at least 1 a day until I am caught up completely. I want to get this blog as up to date with my adventures as possible. I need to tell everyone about the Brazilians in Astoria and the Jewish Deli in williamsburgh, plus all of corona, sunnyside, and elmhurst. Will this ever end?

The pages are an important element to a blog. Now, I wouldn’t take off these without having a backup plan, would I?? well, I might, but right now I do have something very important to fill the gap! I can’t make the announcement yet, I am not sure the entire details of it all, but be ready for something groundbreaking, monumental, and exciting – and which I hope to involve many people who read this blog in the real world!

Keep posted for much more


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