Posted by: Orlick | October 1, 2008

Houlihan’s – Westbury, NY

725 Merrick Ave
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 222-8010
Category: Burgers
written: 11/25/2007

Call it “Intellectual Curiosity” – that’s the best way to put it.

When I asked my friend to distinguish the new wave of American chain restaurants, here were his estimates:

Applebees is Marshalls
Benigans is TJ Maxx
TGIFridays is Target
and Hooligans is Kohls.

Top of the food chain, right?

I was unimpressed with our burgers. The meat had a good taste to it, but the buns were crumbly near-stale wheat buns. They did not compliment the burger, they insulted it. I bet that prime burger would like to take a swing at the wheat bun and whoever the buffoon was that sandwiched it.

Apps are fried and not worth the artery clogging. Dipping sauces were cheap. The food has potential, but in no way lives up to the American bars it mimics.

Members of the staff seemed nice.

I would have loved to make Hoolihan’s my new hot spot. If it had fresh ingredients and love put into the food’s preparation, I would have been superfan number 1. Unfortunately, that is one title I can not claim.

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