Posted by: Orlick | September 27, 2008

Taste of Chinatown – December 2008


A little later than usual… what is usual anyhow?? but December is pretty much as late as you can in the year. So late that it’s actually early.

I went last year. The food is great and in little bites – all for $1 or 2. Most restaurants in Chinatown Manhattan set up a table in front of their shop and individually offer a good selection of items. As a whole, the selections repeat and repeat. The most busy stations are the ones serving Peking Duck; you get one wrap, spring onions, hoisin sauce, and a slather or two of duck.

It can get hectic. This year should be interesting in the cold. Hopefully the body heat will counteract nature. Maybe they will be offering more soup dishes.

Precise date will be posted here as soon as it is revealed to the public. I was wondering about it myself and I just wanted to quell anyone’s heads who were getting worried about no Tastes.

Official Site
Great photo journal of the event



  1. So you’re consideraby positive it’s held in December this year? Hope its a little earlier! I need to know the date for this short documentary I’m doing. >< It is fun though.

  2. Any idea what date this blessed event will be held in December? The Taste of Chinatown website doesn’t provide any information.


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