Posted by: Orlick | September 18, 2008

New Feature – Recommended Events

I decided to add a little more usefulness to the site…
One of my strong points is finding fun things to do. I do make posts on the events, but these should be more on the top of the pages for everyone to see. Right???

So, for now on, on the top of the sidebar, you will see a Recommended Events spot.

I worked at Geico for one month. One of their things was adding value to each customer. If someone called up to make a payment, we would find a way to make their experience with us even better. So, I’d tell them about paying online or getting other discounts. It wasn’t that shady when you interpreting it as “adding value” to your customers.

So, I’m trying to add value here to everyone visiting the site. That side bar is a good resource. Let’s put it to good use.



  1. awesome! feeling extra valued today jeff 🙂

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