Posted by: Orlick | September 10, 2008

Taste of Jackson Heights Food Festival – Sat, Sept 13th

Taste of Jackson Heights
Saturday, September 13, Noon-4
The Garden School Courtyard
33-16 79th Street
between 34th Ave. & Northern Blvd.

The Taste of Jackson Heights brings you flavors from around the neighborhood and the world. $1-$3 small plates from the best Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Cuban, Greek, Italian, Latin American restaurants and more:

Al Namat Restaurant, 37-03 74th Street
Armondo’s, 74-27 37th Avenue
Cannelle Patisserie, 75-59 31st Avenue
Espresso 77, 35-57 77th Street
Jackson Diner, 37-47 74th Street
Jardi, 86-08 Northern Blvd.
Kabab King, 73-01 37th Road
La Fusta, 80-32 Baxter Avenue
Legends, 71-04 35th Avenue
Lety’s, 77-07 37th Avenue
Limoncello, 40-39 82nd Street
Mama’s Empanadas, 85-05 Northern Blvd.
Mojitos, 52-20 Roosevelt Avenue
Novo, 78-23 37th Avenue
Plaka, 75-61 31st Avenue
Raj Bhog, 72-27 37th Avenue
Raja Sweet, 72-31 37th Avenue
Thakali, 74-14 37th Avenue
Tomo Japanese restaurant, 86-12 37th Avenue
Sammy’s Vendor at Broadway and 73rd Street
Uncle Peter’s, 83-15 Northern Blvd.
and more…

I will be volunteering at this event. Not exactly sure what I will be doing. I know for a fact that I will be helping clean up!

Jackson Heights is an extreme melting pot of cultures of the world. In perhaps the most diverse city in the world, this is the most diverse neighborhood in the geographical center. The restaurants make the food for their own people and there’s very little fusion.

The list of participating restaurants is double the year before. They have a great list though, some of my favorites in the neighborhood (al naimet, cannelle, kebab king, sammys halal cart) are there plus places I want to try (letys, legends bbq, la fusta, armondos). I just got involved with this last week. Hopefully I can take on a larger role next year with planning and more and make it 2^3 the original!

Official Site
Jackson Heights Wiki


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