Posted by: Orlick | September 9, 2008

Village Voice’s Fall Preview in Food and the Times on Zagat vs Yelp

Lots of news such as Astroland in Coney Island and me being involved in the Jackson Heights Food Festival, but let’s just get these out of the way.

Robert Sietsema talks about what to expect and what we’ve gone through this year with food trends in NYC. Some great hidden recommendations on his part. Although not the prognosticator that I believed when I started the article, he does talk about past trends and the wonderment of what will become real. While I agree wholeheartedly with his froyo opinions, the Five Guys take down is unwarranted. Maybe the urbanite versions aren’t as good. My Levittown experience nearly took down All-American.

Link to the Village Voice Article


While I’m sending you off to links across the NYC Press universe, here is another article
NYT on Digital Reviews – Highlighting Yelp

Some highlights from the article:

“Fortunately, the sites that welcome customer reviews have evolved significantly. One of the best, Yelp, has replaced the cult of the anonymous amateur with a design that highlights the judgments of the exceptional few. These dedicated reviewers produce work that, in quantity and quality, increasingly approaches that of their professional forebears, and they are willing to divulge personal information about themselves.

Each establishment receives an averaged rating, based on a five-star scale, along with reviewers’ comments and other information. Yelp identifies its most consistently praised, prolific and witty reviewers as members of the “Yelp Elite Squad.” The company says it looks for those possessing “a certain je ne sais quoi — we call it Yelpitude.” I find that it saves time to read the reviews submitted by the Elite Squad and ignore the rest.”

“Zagat’s management should discard its ingrained habits and permit its best reviewers to stand apart from the pack. As a Zagat customer, I’m looking for more — what’s the phrase? — Yelpitude.”


let’s talk more soon


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