Posted by: Orlick | September 4, 2008

I Snuck into the US Open (Front Row) – Nadal vs Fish – yeahhhyoo

Last night I went to the U.S. Open! I got a story…

I was watching the Williams sister’s match late last night and the announcers mentioned they expected the next match to play through all hours of the night. I get out of work at around 1135pm and the stadium is directly on my path home. I figured “what the hell?” and decided to try to sneak into the Open – they probably would let me in, right? I mean, I’ve worked as an usher before, and I could probably talk innocently enough to get in…

So I drove down after work. I had never been there before, so I had no idea where to park or where the stadium was. Some areas were closed off, only police waiting around. The first place I parked I found out was REALLY far away, so I drove about a mile down to another field with more cars. I had no idea where to go from here, but I saw people leaving to their cars and I just went towards where they were coming from…

I walked over a bridge, past all these cool massive structures I’ve only seen from the LIE…


I walked right under that globe. Really cool. Then I walked to the grounds of the US Open… It was after midnight and people were flocking out. I walked in against the stream. Some security guard asked me and a few other fellows walking in for our tickets. They looked like they were in a rush, so I made believe I was too… “yeah I have a ticket!” and he let us through without interruption in cadence.

Now getting into the stadium…
The security was just chilling outside. I looked for where other people were going in and out smoothly, and I aimed for that. Now, I’ve worked as an usher for over 10 years off and on. I kind of get how to identify who’s not supposed to be there, and now I use it to my advantage… Just look like you belong, don’t stare anyone down, and give a friendly nod to anyone who wants to give one.

I just strolled right in.

At first I went to the top. I figured the ushers would be gone by then. They weren’t but they didn’t care. I found a spot on the second highest tier. I sat for about 3 minutes, then got antsy and thought: I can do better.

I spotted seats much further down, on the first level. I wanted them. I walked around, and it was a little hard to get to the seats without dealing with security to get through the levels. By this time the problem was less the security personnel, but moreso that they closed off most of the paths throughout the stadium innards. So, I had to go up and down a few times to get where I wanted to be….

I cautiously waited near an opening for the seats on the bottom… At first I got a seat about 8 rows up. 8 rows up! They were great seats. I was so close! This is great. BTW, the match I was watching was Raphael Nadal vs Marty Fish. Nadal is so cool.

At every break, people started leaving. I was in those seats for not more than 5 minutes. Then I saw people leaving from the front seats. I walked right up to those seats and sat down. Now I was front row! So there I was, front row, watching the number 1 mens player in the world play in the quarterfinals at the US Open. Wow.

I was there for around 2 hours, ending around 230am. It was amazing. I was so close and this was my first tennis match. Tennis is a lot of fun to watch. They hit the ball so hard. Nadal is really a heart throb (deservingly so), and it was great to see him play and all the people’s reactions to it.

So from watching the Serena vs Venus williams match at work in Long Island to being at the stadium in Flushing front row an hour and a half later –a pretty eventful night.

No food stories today.



  1. your cool points just went up. way up.

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