Posted by: Orlick | August 26, 2008

Secret Life of Lobsters – Trevor Corson – Book Review

I liked Trevor Corson’s Zen of Fish so much, I took out his first book Secret Life of Lobsters. My intention was another interactive learning experience, although the extent of interactivity was going to Jordan’s Lobster Farm for their famous lobster roll and cooking a few for me and my family.

I figured I couldn’t go as much as I did with sushi because there aren’t as many locations where I can have it, and there really isn’t that much variety of eating – it’s just one animal, not a whole culture (debatable).

I learned how lobsters settle into their habitats, what affects their populations and lobster sex. Corson took you on the sea, under the sea, and in the labs with crustacean scientists attempting to understand lobster populating.

I am much more passionate now about being against pesticides. Here, it ruined the lobster industry in the Long Island Sound. We’ve been suffering the effects for a while and now I see the cause of it. Think about it: pesticides kill insects… Lobsters are basically insects. The runoff from farming goes into our water, and the lobsters are exposed to the chemicals. So that sucks. I’d rather have a lobster any day of the week than an ear of corn.

Lobster is so good and good for you. It’s a great source of protein and good protein at that. If you don’t have a cholesterol problem, you are good-to-go for lobster. It has lots of B12 and a bit of many other vitamins and minerals. Heavy in minerals – which scares me a bit.

I dig Corson’s writing style. He weaves in and out of his story and history, managing to switch up the story whenever my mind starts to wander. It works, I read his books faster than any other author.

Note: I learned that one of the most influential persons in lobsterdom was from my alma mater, Binghamton University. At the same month I was reading this book, the alumni magazine came in the mail and the cover story was that same person from Binghamton University. That’s funny, right?

Secret Life of Lobsters Official Site
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Jordan’s Lobster Farm
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Review from The Arugula Files


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