Posted by: Orlick | August 21, 2008

PJ Leahy’s – Long Island City, Queens, NY

PJ Leahy’s
5002 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY
(718) 472-5131
Categories: Pubs, Irish
Neighborhood: Queens/Long Island City

So close to the subway you can feel the 7 rumbling under you every 20 minutes… Cool atmosphere, nice people – pleasant girls, no pompous dudes. When we first walked in we found old dudes with Irish caps, 40 year old sports guys, and mid-twenties with nice Irish girls.

Bartenders/staff were very inviting, pleasing to the eyes and ears.

My friend said his PJ Burger was spectacular – it must have been… It must have been the mozzarella stuck to the burger with mushrooms and loads of bacon on top. Wings looked awesome, so i had to get an order even though I came in full. They were done well, although didn’t taste quite as good as they looked. Honestly, it would be hard to live up to that appearance…

Great prices, good food, easygoing clientele – found it because Dominie’s Hoak is barren of have television – and we were there just to watch the pats/colts game. Glad we did. I’ll be back.


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