Posted by: Orlick | August 14, 2008

All About a Yelp ROTD

Today I scored a Yelp RoTD (Review of the Day) for my review of Kebab Cafe

A Review of the Day is given to one person per day. The review gets to be up on the main page for your city, you get a cool looking stamp on your review, and you get the attention of your internet reviewer peers. Before you even log on to yelp, you know you got RoTD because you have about 10 compliments as soon as you check your email in the morning.

Many people ask: How do you get a ROTD?
Well, it’s all speculation, and only those in charge know, but there are a few things that help:
1 – Getting UCFed – This is probably the most important factor. I say if you have 10+ of some stat, you start to get noticed by the Yelp Administrators. Getting 10 is a step.

2 – From Yelp:

See these buttons? Whenever you use them to rank another user’s reviews, it helps us figure out which reviews you guys like best. That way, we can feature them on places like the homepage or on a business review page, and that helps make Yelp a better place for us all!

3 – Being random – Certain people AVERAGE 10+ UCF votes on each review. Especially ASCII art reviewers. Of course it wouldnt be cool to have these people win with every review. Sometimes you have to let the underdog win.

4 – Timing – It won’t happen right away. My first one I got after 7 months. It seems there is a 2 month minimum layover between ROTDs.

5 – Rating – You cannot get ROTD if you rate a business 2 or 1 star.

Be patient, meet people, have fun.


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