Posted by: Orlick | August 6, 2008

Extra in the Movie, “7 to the Palace” – Email Correspondence

Before I deleted it from my gmail, I thought this was something that people might want to read (I know my mother would at least).

This is the email I recieved in regards to being an extra for the movie “7 to the Palace”


Hello “7 To The Palace” Background Artists!

We are extremely excited to have you on board. My name is K, and I am the one helping to coordinate the next couple days of extras work, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me back at this email address. Below, please find all the information you will need for a fun and productive experience. IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE, PARENTAL CONSENT WILL BE REQUIRED.

Call Time:
Friday the 25th we will need all extras in the holding area by 9:00am. Please make an effort to be on time when you do come, as we will have some registration to go through before anyone can become a movie star.

You will be reporting to our Holding Area, located in the cafeteria of PS 69 in Jackson Heights, Queens:

7702 37th Ave, at 77th St.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

There you will be able to sit down, change clothes if needed, and relax until your scene. Plus, from there the set is only a couple blocks away. Walking directions from the closest subway stop, Roosevelt Ave (7, E, F, G, R, V), are included at the bottom of this email.

We’d like you to come dressed like a quintessential NY Times reader.
NO logos, No bright whites or reds, No crazy patterns.
Want to see both neutral & color options in wardrobe choice.
Tastefully patterned clothing is acceptable… If in doubt please bring to show.
Try to have outfits put together beforehand, and come wearing your favorite outfit.

Men please bring:
3-4 casual shirts
2-3 button front shirts
pants & shorts

Women please bring:
3-4 outfits that range from casual day to casual dressy… Tops w/pants & skirts and a dress or two if owned.

What to expect:
Get to holding by 9:00am. Find the “7 To The Palace” Background Greeter, who will issue you an ID badge and meal voucher. Enjoy delicious lunch between scenes. Maybe catch up on some reading, or chat with friends. When the time comes for your scene to be shot, be prepared for a quick walk a couple blocks away to our restaurant location, The Tandoori Palace. They may sit some of you at tables, but the point of the scene is that people are lined up around the block to get into this hot new place. As such, it might be wise to pack some sunscreen and wear shoes that are not too uncomfortable.

Thanks again to all of you for all your responses. Below, I am including links to both for subway directions and for driving directions to our holding location.

1.) Exit near intersection of 74th St and 37th Rd
2.) Walk North on 74th Street towards 37th Road.
3.) Turn Right on 37th Ave (NOT 37th Rd.) and walk 3 blocks.
4.) PS 69 is located at the corner of 37th Ave. and 77th St.

Interesting how they call us Background Artists


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