Posted by: Orlick | August 1, 2008

East Bay Diner – Wantagh, NY

East Bay Diner

3360 Merrick Rd
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 781-5300
Category: Diners

The most magnificent diner I have ever seen. Rock and flower gardens, a gigantic plastic wave when you enter the parking lot and pretty blue water waves throughout the restaurant – in the walls, on the ceiling, in the bathrooms… The design is nearly a work of art.

Before you rev your engines and your minds, let’s get to the food. I was a big fan of the East Bay Diner of old, the Bellmore location of the same owners. Something’s changed here. Nothing’s been especially delicious. The prices are the highest of any diner I have ever been to. My parents love this place, but that might be because they are getting comfortable in their 60’s. I don’t get it, once people get old, are they suddenly not attuned to flavor anymore? Why do they get set in their ways going to sub-pasta diners? They are wooed especially by the big portions there – they usually share one dinner and have enough for a couple of meals during the week. One caveat: the place gets packed, the lines are like the outside a Benny Goodman concert.

In my experiences, the food has been bland, prices have been too high, the service didn’t care, but the decor is kinda cool. Not somewhere I will willingly return.



  1. are you serious? they would not be so crowded if the food was not good and plentiful. you cant possibly finish a dinner here by youself, so sharing is the name of the game here. everything is good here especially the fish, better and fresher than some seafood places the service is excellant too, I dont know of another place with such quality at such reasnoble prices,previous reviewer must work for the competition.

  2. No, I do not work for the restaurant. I did apply for a job there once though. I stand by my review, I have been there many times, I used to live 2 blocks away. The portions ARE very big. The flavor and character of the food is lacking. Prove me wrong, what is a dish that you think is undeniably delicious?

  3. When you are “old” will you change your taste in food?The first comment was right on.

  4. I wasn’t implying my parents were old. nooo. I just mean the rest of the patrons are pre-nursing home.

  5. The reviewer must have been stoned when he went. The chilean sea bass dinner, the salmon, or the pork chops with seafood combo can’t be beat! We eat there at least 4-6 times a month…where can you get soup, meal, veggies, potato, and salad for 17.99 or so. The place is amazing!

  6. I really think that the old Bellmore location was much better, but this one is good. Their desserts are great and the portions that they serve for dinner are plentiful.

    Certainly not one of the best places to eat in the neighborhood. However, their breakfast menu is good.

  7. Thanks for the comment Gwen

    The portions are definitely commendable. If you want to get the most for your food, I’d recommend going to the supermarket and cooking for yourself. Although the margin would be pretty tight for that dinner. My mother is probably the smartest one, instead of eating the entire thing and getting stuffed, she eats like a bird and has enough for the week. I do not have the self control. less than half a plate and I have to finish it.
    So, what has me excited in the area? hmm, I’d like to try this new B+D (?) where fork n knife used to be, and I’d like to try the new Long Island Cheeseburger (I just noticed that it’s no longer cheeseburger cheeseburger). That place had so much potential, but they always fell flat when I went there.

  8. sucks !

  9. I have had terrible heart burn since i ate a burger at the east bay diner , so i suggest next time you go bring a bottle of tums with you . I had a horrible experience there. The food was expensive and discusting . The Waitress had additude and stunk . i had horrible service and to top it all of they messed up my order . but i must say the decor was nice

  10. I like Eastbay Diner and eat there frequently.

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