Posted by: Orlick | July 21, 2008

abistro – Fort Greene, Brooklyn

154 Carlton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 855-9455

Category: Restaurants
Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Clinton Hill/Fort Greene

Great food, cozy (small) and clean restaurant. What a glorious date place to show her you know all the amazing, little-known local spots. Seriously, if you take a date here, he or she will melt. Theres no sign outside, I only knew it because every time we passed, my friends would say “Jeff, you gotta go here.”

Everything we ordered made me say “Woahh!” Such flavor in every bite. French influenced and flourishing with style. You can see the small kitchen in the room you eat in. It’s only one man behind the stove. Artists don’t collaborate.

Kick, richness, longing. These 3 words describe the eating experience.

I’ve only been here once, so my rating is shakey. But for that one night, that night in the stars, amongst the planets, where the gods sling their frying pans into the laps of Senagalese chefs; that night, ABistro attained a 5 star rating.

Abistro on Myspace


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