Posted by: Orlick | July 11, 2008

2008 New York City Restaurant Week – Summer Edition

2008 NYC Restaurant Week

Enjoy special three-course, prix-fixe menus at participating restaurants.
Duration: July 21-25 and July 28- Aug 1, 2008 (Monday through Friday only)
Pricing: $24.07 lunches, $35.00 dinners

This year’s tagline is Eat Famously.

nyc 2008 restaurant week

I don’t like the Eat Famously tagline. It’s like all us common folk are able to finally act like the wealthy people. Thank you for your scraps. Oh, a special menu?? You’re so kind. Can I have one truffle??

It reminds of Caddyshack when the caddies get their 20 minutes in the pool.

As usual, I probably won’t go to any because I work nights. Although a lunch trip could be in order…

The naysayers tell you it’s too crowded and the special menus are dainty compared to the normal menu. You may be baited into buying into a full menu. I say it’s okay. This is usually a great list of the best Manhattan restaurants. Take notice if you don’t go.

Official Site
Make your reservations online at Open Table
NYMAG Preview
Listing with links to restaurants with lots of additional info from GoNYC

Participating Restaurants:
2 West 2 West St., 917-790-2525 (Lunch)
21 Club 21 W 52nd St, 212-582-7200 (Lunch and Dinner)
5 Ninth 5 Ninth Ave., 212-929-9460 (Lunch)
Abboccato Ristorante 136 W 55th St, 212-265-4000 (Lunch and Dinner)
Above Restaurant (Lunch and Dinner)
AJ Maxwell’s Steakhouse (Lunch and Dinner)
Alfama 551 Hudson St, 212-645-2500 (Lunch and Dinner)
Amalia (Lunch and Dinner)
Amma (Lunch and Dinner)
Angelo and Maxie’s (Lunch and Dinner)
Anthos 36 W. 52nd St., 212-582-6900 (Lunch and Dinner)
Aquavit Cafe 13 W 54th St, 212-307-7311 (Lunch and Dinner)
Aquavit (Dining Room) 13 W 54th St, 212-307-7311 (Lunch)
Arabelle at the Plaza Athenee 37 E 64th St, 212-606-4647 (Lunch and Dinner)
Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro 2 Park Ave, 212-725-8585 (Lunch and Dinner)
Asia de Cuba 237 Madison Ave, 212-726-7755 (Lunch)
Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental 80 Columbus Circle, 212-805-8881 (Lunch)
Aspen (Lunch and Dinner)
Atlantic Grill 1341 Third Ave, 212-988-9200 (Lunch)
August 359 Bleecker St., 212-929-4774 (Lunch and Dinner)
Bar Boulud (Lunch)
Bar Milano 323 Third Avenue, 212-683-3035 (Lunch)
Barbetta 321 W 46th St, 212-246-9171 (Lunch)
Barbounia250 Park Ave. South (at 20th St.), 212-995-0242 (Lunch and Dinner)
Barolo 398 West Broadway, 212-226-1844 (Lunch and Dinner)
Beacon 25 W 56th St, 212-332-0500 (Lunch and Dinner)
Ben Benson’s Steakhouse 123 W 52nd St, 212-581-8888 (Lunch)
Bice Ristorante 7 E 54th St, 212-688-1999 (Dinner)
Bistro Milano 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 212-757-2600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Black Duck 122 E. 28th St., 212-204-5240 (Dinner)
Blue Fin 1567 Broadway at 47th St, 212-918-1400 (Lunch and Dinner)
Blue Smoke 116 E 27th St, 212-447-7733 (Lunch and Dinner)
Blue Water Grill 31 Union Square W @ 16th St, 212-675-9500 (Lunch and Dinner)
Bobby Van’s Steakhouse & Grill 25 Broad St., 212-344-8463 (Lunch and Dinner)
Bobby Van’s Steakhouse & Grill 135 W. 50th St., 212-957-5050 (Lunch and Dinner)
Bobby Van’s Steakhouse East 54th Street (Lunch and Dinner)
Bocca (Lunch and Dinner)
Bond 45 154 W 45th St, 212-869-4545 (Lunch and Dinner)
Brasserie 100 E 53rd St, 212-751-4840 (Lunch and Dinner)
Brasserie 8 ½ 9 W 57th St, 212-829-0812 (Lunch and Dinner)
Brasserie Ruhlmann 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 212-974-2020 (Dinner)
Bread Bar at Tabla 11 Madison Ave, 212-889-0667 (Lunch and Dinner)
Butter 415 Lafayette Street, 212-253-2828 (Lunch and Dinner)
Café Centro 200 Park Ave at E 45th St, 212-818-1222 (Lunch and Dinner)
Café D’Alsace 1695 88th St., 212-722-5133 (Lunch and Dinner)
Café des Artistes 1 W 67th St, 212-877-3500 (Dinner)
Café Fiorello 1900 Broadway, 212-595-5330 (Lunch and Dinner)
Cafe Society/CSNY (Lunch and Dinner)
Caffe Grazie (Lunch and Dinner)
Calle Ocho 446 Columbus Ave, 212-873-5025 (Dinner)
Capsouto Frères Restaurant 451 Washington St, 212-966-4900 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Carlyle Restaurant 35 E. 76th St, 212-744-1600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Carnegie Deli 854 Seventh Avenue, 212-757-2245 (Lunch)
Centovini 25 West Houston Street, 212-219-2113 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Central Park Boathouse E. 72nd St, 212-517-2233 (Lunch)
Centrico 211 W. Broadway (at Franklin St.), 212-431-0700 (Dinner)
Centro Vinoteca 74 Seventh Ave. South, 212-367-7470 (Lunch)
Chanterelle 2 Harrison St, 212-687-4600 (Lunch)
Charlie Palmer’s Metrazur Grand Central Terminal, E Balcony, 212-966-6960 (Lunch and Dinner)
Chez Josephine (Dinner)
Chin Chin Restaurant 216 E. 49th St., 212-888-4555 (Lunch and Dinner)
China Grill 60 W 53rd St, 212-333-7788 (Lunch and Dinner)
Chinatown Brasserie 380 Lafayette St., 212-533-7000 (Lunch and Dinner)
Church & Dey (Lunch and Dinner)
Cipriani Wall Street 55 Wall Street, 212-699-4099 (Lunch and Dinner)
City Crab & Seafood Co. 235 Park Ave South, 212-529-3800 (Lunch and Dinner)
City Hall Restaurant 131 Duane St, 212-227-7777 (Lunch and Dinner)
City Lobster & Crab Co. 121 W. 49th St, 212-354-1717 (Lunch and Dinner)
Commodore Grill Grand Hyatt, 109 E. 42nd St., 646-213-6999 (Dinner)
Compass 208 W 70th St, 212-875-8600 (Dinner)
Craftbar 900 Broadway, 212-461-4300 (Lunch)
Crema Restaurante 111 West 17th Street, 212-691-4477 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Cub Room 131 Sullivan St, 212-677-4100 (Lunch and Dinner)
davidburke & donatella 133 E 61st St, 212-813-2121 (Lunch and Dinner)
Dawat 210 E 58th St, 212-355-7555 (Lunch and Dinner)
db Bistro Moderne 55 W. 44th St. (betw. Fifth & Sixth Aves.), 212-391-2400 (Lunch)
Del Posto 85 Tenth Ave., 212-497-8090 (Lunch)
Delmonico’s Steakhouse 56 Beaver Street, 212-509-1144 (Lunch and Dinner)
Destino 891 First Ave., 212-751-0700 (Dinner)
Devi 8 E 18th St, 212-691-1300 (Lunch and Dinner)
Django 480 Lexington Ave, 212-871-6600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Dos Caminos Park 373 Park Ave South, 212-294-1000 (Lunch and Dinner)
Dos Caminos Soho 475 W Broadway, 212-277-4300 (Lunch and Dinner)
Dos Caminos Third Avenue 825 Third Ave., 212-336-5400 (Lunch and Dinner) Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Ave at 25th St, 212-889-0905 (Lunch)
EN Japanese Brasserie 435 Hudson St. (at Leroy St.), 212-647-9196 (Dinner)
Esca 402 W 43rd St, 212-564-7272 (Lunch)
Estiatorio Milos 125 W 55th St, 212-245-7400 (Lunch)
Etcetera Etcetera 352 W. 44th St., 212-399-4141 (Lunch and Dinner)
F. illi Ponte 39 Desbrosses St, 212-226-4621 (Lunch and Dinner)
Fig & Olive Meatpacking 420 W. 13th St., 212-924-1200 (Lunch and Dinner)
Fig & Olive Fifth Avenue 10 East 52nd Street, 212-319-2002 (Lunch and Dinner)
Firebird Restaurant 365 W. 46th St., 212-586-0244 (Lunch and Dinner)
Fives 700 Fifth Ave, 212-903-3918 (Lunch and Dinner)
Fleur de Sel 5 E 20th St.(Broadway and 5th), 212-460-9100 (Lunch)
Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse 269 W 45th St, 212-997-9494 (Lunch)
Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse 32 W 37th St, 212-947-8940 (Lunch and Dinner)
Frederick’s Madison 768 Madison Ave., 212-737-7300 (Lunch and Dinner)
Frederick’s Downtown 637 Hudson Street, 212-488-4200 (Dinner)
Gabriel’s Bar and Restaurant 11 W 60th St, 212-956-4600 (Lunch)
Gallagher’s New York Steak House 228 W 52nd St, 212-245-5336 (Lunch)
Giorgios of Gramercy 27 E 21st St, 212-477-0007 (Lunch and Dinner)
Gotham Bar & Grill 12 E 12th St, 212-620-4020 (Lunch)
Gramercy Tavern 42 E 20th St, 212-477-0777 (Lunch)
Grayz 3-15 West 54th Street, 212-262-4600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Greenhouse Cafe 7717-3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-833-8200 (Lunch and Dinner)
Grotta Azzurra 177 Mulberry St, 212-925-8775 (Lunch and Dinner)
Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano 60 Greenwich Ave. (at Perry St.), 212-924-8000 (Lunch)
Hatsuhana 17 E 48th St, 212-355-3345 (Lunch and Dinner)
Hudson Cafeteria 356 W. 58th St., 212-554-6500 (Lunch)
i Trulli122 East 27th Street, 212-481-7372 (Lunch and Dinner)
Icon 130 E 39th St, 212-592-8888 (Lunch and Dinner)
Il Cantinori 32 E. 10th St. (betw. Broadway & University Pl.), 212-673-6044 (Lunch and Dinner)
Il Giglio Restaurant 81 Warren St, 212-571-5555 (Lunch)
Ilili Restaurant 236 5th Avenue, 212-683-2929 (Lunch and Dinner)
Inagiku 111 E 49th St. at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, 212-355-0440 (Lunch and Dinner)
Indochine 430 Lafayette St, 212-505-5111 (Dinner) Isabella’s 359 Columbus Aveat 77th St, 212-724-2100 (Lunch and Dinner)
Japonais 111 E. 18th Street, 212-260-2020 (Lunch and Dinner)
Japonica 100 University Place, 212-243-7752 (Lunch and Dinner)
Jo Jo 160 E 64th St, 212-223-5656 (Lunch and Dinner)
Kellari Seafood Taverna 19 West 44th Street, 212-221-0144 (Lunch and Dinner)
Kittichai 60 Thompson St, 212-219-2000 (Lunch)
Kobe Club 68 W. 58th St, 212-644-5623 (Dinner)
La Goulue 746 Madison Avenue, 212-988-8169 (Lunch and Dinner)
La Masseria 235 West 48th St, 212-582-2111 (Lunch and Dinner)
Le Cirque 151 E. 58th St., 212-644-0202 (Lunch and Dinner)
Le Colonial 149 East 57th St, 212-752-0808 (Lunch and Dinner)
Le Perigord 405 E 52nd St, 212-755-6244 (Lunch and Dinner)
L’Impero 45 Tudor City Pl, 212-599-5045 (Lunch)
Lunetta 920 Broadway, 212-533-3663 (Lunch and Dinner)
Lupa 170 Thompson St, 212-982-5089 (Lunch)
Lure Fishbar 142 Mercer Street, 212-431-7676 (Lunch and Dinner)
Mai House 186 Franklin Street, 212-431-0606 Dinner)
Maloney & Porcelli 37 East 50th St. (Park and Madison Ave.), 212-750-2233 (Lunch)
Marseille 630 Ninth Ave, 212-333-2323 (Lunch and Dinner)
Maya 1191 First Ave, 212-585-1818 (Dinner)
maze by Gordon Ramsay 151 West 54th Street, 212-468-8889 (Lunch)
Megu Midtown 845 UN Plaza, 212-964-7777 (Lunch and Dinner)
Megu New York 62 Thomas St., 212-964-2171 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Mercer Kitchen 99 Prince St, 212-966-5454 (Lunch and Dinner)
Mesa Grill 102 Fifth Ave, 212-807-7400 (Lunch and Dinner)
Mezzogiorno Restaurant 195 Spring St, 212-334-2112 (Lunch and Dinner)
Mia Dona 206 East 58th St, 212-750-8170 (Lunch and Dinner)
Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC Grand Central Terminal, 23 Vanderbilt Ave, 212-655-2300
Moda 135 W. 52nd St, 212-887-9880 (Lunch)
The Modern (Bar Room) 9 W. 53rd St. (at Fifth Ave.), 212-333-1220 (Dinner)
Molyvos Restaurant 871 Seventh Ave, 212-582-7500 (Lunch and Dinner)
Montebello Restaurant 120 E. 56th St, 212-753-1447 (Lunch and Dinner)
Morimoto 88 10th Ave., 212-989-8883 (Lunch)
Mr. K’s 570 Lexington Ave, 212-583-1668 (Lunch and Dinner)
Naples 45 200 Park Ave, 212-972-7001 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse 9 Penn Plaza at 33rd St, 212-563-4444 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nino’s Positano 890 Second Ave, 212-355-5540 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nino’s Restaurant 1354 First Ave, 212-988-0002 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nino’s Tuscany 117 W. 58th St, 212-757-8630 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nobu 105 Hudson St, 212-219-0500 (Lunch)
Norma’s 118 W. 57th St., 212-708-7460 (Lunch)
North Square 103 Waverly Place, 212-254-1200 (Lunch and Dinner)
Nougatine at Jean Georges 1 Central Park West, 212-299-3900 (Lunch and Dinner)
Ocean Grill 384 Columbus Ave, 212-579-2300 (Lunch and Dinner)
Oceana 55 East 54th Street, 212-759-5941 (Lunch)
Olana 72 Madison Avenue, 212-725-4900 (Lunch)
One If By Land, Two If By Sea 17 Barrow St, 212-228-0822 (Dinner)
Opia 130 E 57th St, 212-688-3939 (Lunch and Dinner)
Orsay Restaurant 1057 Lexington Ave, 212-517-6400 (Lunch and Dinner)
Osteria Del Circo 120 West 55th St, 212-265-3636 (Lunch and Dinner)
Palm 250 W. 50th St., 212-333-7256 (Lunch)
Palm West 250 West 50th Street, 212-333-7256 (Lunch)
Pampano 209 E 49th St, 212-751-4545 (Lunch)
Park Avenue Summer 100 East 63rd St, 212-644-1900 (Lunch)
Park Room 36 Central Park South, 212-521-6200 (Lunch and Dinner)
Patroon Restaurant 160 E. 46th St., 212-883-7373 (Lunch and Dinner)
Payard Bistro 1032 Lexington Ave, 212-717-5252 (Lunch and Dinner)
Peacock Alley Restaurant 301 Park Ave., 212-872-4837 (Lunch and Dinner)
Pera Mediterranean Brasserie 303 Madison Avenue, 212-878-6301 (Lunch and Dinner)
Periyali 35 W. 20th St. (betw. Fifth & Sixth Aves.), 212-463-7890 (Lunch and Dinner)
Perry St. 176 Perry St. (at West St.), 212-352-1900 (Lunch and Dinner)
Pershing Square 90 E 42nd St, 212-286-9600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Petrossian 182 W. 58th St, 212-245-2214 (Lunch and Dinner)
Pigalle 790 Eighth Ave, 212-489-2233 (Lunch and Dinner)
Porter House New York 10 Columbus Circle, 4th Fl., 212-823-9500 (Lunch)
The Post House 28 E 63rd St, 212-935-2888 (Lunch)
Primehouse New York 381 Park Ave South, 212-824-2600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Quality Meats 57 W. 58th St., 212-371-7777 (Lunch)
Rain 100 W 82nd St, 212-501-0776 (Dinner)
Rayuela 165 Allen St, 212-253-8840 (Dinner)
Redeye Grill 890 Seventh Ave, 212-541-9000 (Lunch)
Remi 145 West 53rd Street, 212-581-4242 (Lunch and Dinner)
Riingo 205 E 45th St, 212-867-4200 (Lunch and Dinner)
The River Café One Water St., 718-522-5200 (Lunch)
Rock Center Café 20 West 50th St, 212-332-7620 (Lunch and Dinner)
Rosa Mexicano at Lincoln Center (Lunch and Dinner)
Rosa Mexicano at Union Square 9 E. 18th St. (betw. Fifth Ave. & ; Broadway)
Rosa Mexicano on First Avenue (Dinner)
Roy’s New York 130 Washington St., 212-266-6262 (Dinner)
Ruby Foo’s Times Square 1626 Broadway at 49th St, 212-489-5600 (Lunch and Dinner)
Ruby Foo’s Uptown 2182 Broadway at 77th St, 212-724-6700 (Lunch and Dinner)
Ruth’s Chris Steak House 148 West 51st Street, 888-722-4315 (Dinner)
Safran 88 7th Avenue, 212-929-1778 (Lunch and Dinner)
Salute! 270 Madison Ave, 212-213-3440 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Sea Grill 19 W 49th St, 212-332-7610 (Lunch and Dinner)
Shelly’s Tradizionale 104 W 57th St, 212-245-2422 (Lunch and Dinner)
Shula’s American Steak House 270 W. 43rd Street, 212-201-2776 (Lunch)
Shun Lee Palace 155 E 55th St, 212-371-8844 (Lunch and Dinner)
Shun Lee West 43 West 65th Street, 212-595-8895 (Lunch and Dinner)
Smith & Wollensky 201 East 49th St, 212-753-1530 (Lunch)
South Gate 154 Central Park South, 212-484-5120 (Lunch)
Spice Market 403 West 13th Street, 212-675-2322 (Lunch and Dinner)
Steak Frites 9 E 16 St. 212-463-7101 (Lunch and Dinner)
Sushi Samba 7 87 Seventh Ave. South, 212-691-7885 (Lunch and Dinner)
Sushi Samba Park 245 Park Ave. South, 212-475-9377 (Lunch and Dinner)
Tabla 11 Madison Ave. at 25th St., 212-889-0667 (Lunch)
Tamarind 41-43 East 22nd St., 212-674-7400 (Lunch)
TAO Restaurant 42 E. 58th St, 212-888-2288 (Lunch)
Tavern on the Green Central Park at West 67th St., 212-873-3200 (Lunch)
TBar Steak & Lounge 1278 Third Avenue, 212-772-0404 (Lunch and Dinner)
Telepan Restaurant 72 W. 69th St., 212-580-4300 (Lunch)
Terrace in the Sky 400 West 119th St., 212-666-9490 (Lunch and Dinner)
Thalassa Restaurant 179 Franklin St, 212-941-7661 (Lunch and Dinner)
Thalia Restaurant 828 Eighth Ave., 212-399-4444 (Lunch and Dinner)
Tocqueville Restaurant and Bar 15 East 15th St, 212-579-0272 (Lunch)
Town 15 West 56th St, 212-582-4445 (Lunch and Dinner)
Trattoria dell’Arte 900 Seventh Ave., 212-245-9800 (Lunch and Dinner)
Tribeca Grill 375 Greenwich St, 212-941-3900 (Lunch and Dinner)
Union Square Cafe 21 East 16th St., 212-243-4020 (Lunch)
Vento Trattoria 675 Hudson St., 212-699-2400 (Lunch and Dinner)
ViceVersa 325 West 51st St. (8th & 9th Aves.), 212-399-9291 (Lunch and Dinner)
Victor’s Café 236 W 52nd St, 212-586-7714 (Lunch and Dinner)
Villa Berulia 107 East 34th St. (Park & Lex), 212-689-1970 (Lunch and Dinner)
Vong 200 East 54th St., 212-486-9592 (Lunch and Dinner)
Wakiya 200 East 54th St., 212-486-9592 (Lunch and Dinner)
The Water Club 500 East 30th St. (at the East River), 212-683-3333 (Lunch and Dinner)
Water’s Edge The East River at 44th Drive, Long Island City, 718-482-0033 (Lunch and Dinner)
Wildwood Barbeque 225 Park Avenue South, 212-533-2500 (Lunch and Dinner)
Yuva 230 East 58th St, 212-339-0090 (Lunch and Dinner)
Zoë SoHo 90 Prince St., 212-966-6722 (Lunch and Dinner)
Zoë Townhouse 135 E. 62nd St, 212-752-6000 (Lunch and Dinner)



  1. I so agree about the condescending “let’s let some of our fabulous trickle down to the poor people” attitude sucking.

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