Posted by: Orlick | July 9, 2008

Secret Post: Backstage at Nathans Coney Island Hot Dog Competition

Perks of working at a television station: PRESS PASSES

2 friends and I got all-access press passes. It was awesome.

I went beyond the barrier and saw someone I met producing the Hot Dog Eating Promo in Westbury. “Did you eat yet?”
Trying to hold my smiles and my salivating friends back, “Nooooo. Where??”
“Back there.”
We went backstage through a hole in the wall and saw the competitors and staff prepping for the competition. They were laying out hot dogs on plates at blazing speed. Whip whip whip. All boiled. Plates of 5, just like Mike taught me.

hot dog prep

It’s funny. The other press people were busy taking pictures of Kobyashi, Joey Chestnut, Sandra Thomas, and Badlands Booker. I was mystified by the preparations involved in making this massive event happen. The only star I got was an accidental picture of Sonya Thomas.
sonya thomas hot dogs

Next year I work for Nathans. My goal.



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