Posted by: Orlick | July 8, 2008

2008 Nathans Hot Dog Eating Competition – Results, Pictures and Commentary

Joey Chestnutt wins in the first-ever 5 dog tie-breaking overtime matchup in Coney Island Hot Dog Eating history. I am a big fan of Kobyashi and I felt the 5 dog race was not in his favor. Oh well. Try again next year.

It seemed like professional wrestling from the beginning. With the introductions there were backstories and limitless nicknames to even the most mundane character with a mask. Some were given personalities when none came naturally. When Kobyashi come out on stage, the announcer told the crowd he blamed last year’s defeat on an inflamation in the jaw. On queue he started rubbing his jaw and then pounded the board with a thunderstick on Jeoy Chestnutt’s name. Very WWF.


When he lost, when given his trophy he snapped his fingers in a dang it motion – which I felt was a little peculiar. He was a great sport though, so let’s chalk it up to that. Him being peculiar.

kobyashi bloated

Crowd Shots:

Coney Island Legend Rabbi Abraham Abraham
rabbi abraham abraham

Expect a post this week about this man with the straw hat…
george shea
George Shea

My flickr set from the day of the competition



  1. I kinda want that hat for myself.

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