Posted by: Orlick | June 17, 2008

Thanks to my Father…

Being the week of Father’s Day, I am giving thanks to my father.

My father was never afraid of eating anything. If someone were to present him with a new food no one’s ever seen, he would always say ‘what the hell’ and try it. Plenty of disregard for what is traditionally called food. The only things I’ve ever seen him refuse was a slice of pizza because he is lactose intolerant or something spicy because he is just intolerant in that way.

I am realizing lately that I take after my father. This blind eye to whatever goes in my mouth. The Always Say Yes attitude. Blanketedly accepting of any culture’s food. I havan’t tested him lately, so maybe it’s just a son looking up to his dad. Last year, when I told him about the circus, I was surprised to hear him say he didn’t like the tight rope walkers because it’s scary. What a mindflip for me to hear that my father was scared of something. Everything is different in your adult life. Could he compete with me now? Have I surpassed him? I’d like to see if he would eat a shrimp head.

I definitely don’t take after my mother, who, while culturely accepting, refuses to have shellfish (because she thinks she had an allergic reaction to a shrimp 40 years ago), anything spicy, anything raw, or even anything medium-rare. She is squeamish. Squeamish is she.

Thanks Dad. For making me open-minded to putting weird things in my mouth. I ain’t afraid of nothing!


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