Posted by: Orlick | June 6, 2008

Red Hook Ballfields Update – Opening Late June

Here are the updates to the long awaited return of the Red Hook Ballfields Food Vendors.

They ARE coming, but there will be some more permanent changes in response to the city cracking down on their operations:

1. The VENDORS WILL START BY THE END OF JUNE. Either the week before or the last week.

2. They will all be in trucks for now on instead of tents. How strange? This is going to look like a trailer park.

3. They will be there all year round. This may make their annual return less anticipated than before. While still greatness, there is just something about waiting 6 months for a huarache.

One question: How can I help? how about a T-shirt design? It’s in my head right now a perfect logo – It’s about time people started wearing something they can identify with.

Vendors will be participating in a BLOCK PARTY at Coffey Park Red Hook on June 14. This event is hosted by and will have live music, dance,


Porkchop Express’s Interview with Cesar Fuentes (Where I got most of my RHBF information)


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