Posted by: Orlick | June 3, 2008

My First Days

Okay, I love it.

I don’t have much at all. My air mattress has a hole in it. so I woke up at 749am on the floor. My bones ached from that. I also have a stereo.

When I was walking onto the E train, I couldn’t help but think people were looking at this bearded, skinny white boy with a graphic T shirt, skinny pants, and aldo sneakers – saying to themselves “ohhh great, there goes the neighborhood.” The hipsters are coming.

This video is edited for your protection. I grew up with this album though, it’s a classic.

Maybe this is the beginning of a turnover? At the very least, it’s cheap, and the subway is excellent. Williamsburg has ZERO natural elements (other than McCarren Park) that made it so popular. There is one train to Manhattan from billyburg and it was cheap – this is all that made it hip. The artists came in and everyone wanted to feed off the cool kids. Now the struggling artists are priced out and they are moving all over brookyln and queens. I would love to be involved in real estate in the Jackson Heights area now.

A couple of friends and I wanted to check out the Irish section of Woodside. We first went to Saints & Sinners and then Sean Ogs – two of the more popular Irish bars. Neither really made me feel what I was wanting. They had some traditional elements, but were missing the fun times. A pretty girl passed by outside Ogs. I used my senses to see peer over to where she might be going. A block later we found Starting Gate Sports Bar. Only one of the greatest bars ever…. it was 1am on Sunday night and we were one of the first ones to leave. Yound and old, and we were the only wons without a brogue. Maybe I’m racist, but I love anyone with an Irish accent. Sooooorry. Plus, the girls were each beautiful in their own right. This was something I was concerned about a month ago, now it is all relieved.

One issue: the landlady said the apt was a light purple. It is, but it also might even be a light pink. It is a little jarring at first, I mean, it’s pink. But after a few minutes it kind of settles down and you forget pink means girly. I like a challenge, I’m not afraid of pink. It could be interesting. (Pictures coming soon)

Cultural map is going on hiatus. I didn’t feel good about pigeonholing areas. I changed the wording and changed some of the boundaries. I am trying to find a way to just import locations of businesses and maybe I can make each a different color or put a flag attached to them.
I’m still not even sure how to link to it.

My first night I took a walk around the neighborhood. I walked to a chinese or Korean supermarket. There were so many toys there for cooking. So many ingredients I don’t know anything about. I have a lot to learn in the next year. Who knows what will happen? I went to a halal food cart right next to the famous sammy’s one. It was probably the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Lamb over rice. So many flavors in there. I really feel good about life in general after that styrofoam container. Wow. I mean WOW.

Video of US Roadtrip from 5 Irish boys starting in Woodside. Starring Maureen the Van.


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