Posted by: Orlick | May 30, 2008

June 1st – I am moving to Woodside, Queens

I narrowed it down to two areas where I wanted to live, but in the end there was only one choice. My apartment is at the delta of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Woodside. Officially it is Woodside, but on the map it looks like Elmhurst. I could not be happier with the cultures of the area. It is a cross section of so many cultures that come to NY.

Little India is on 74th street (two blocks away), Little Manila is on Roosevelt Ave (4 blocks away), East is a Latin American section that is nearly incomparable to anywhere in the city – The food along Roosevelt Ave are amazing! Elmhurst has a big Asian element along broadway and Queens Boulevard. Not to mention there is also a couple of outstanding Thai joints nearby. The only thing visibly missing from the area is Japanese food. I can live with it because where I currently work has some great sushi bars and I can imagine if I choose another job in Manhattan, there will be access to sushi that will even be better. Although now I will be pressed for money to get my sushi fix, I really treated myself well the past 6 months…

I am still working in Long Island, the commute will be a big difference, It will be harder but I will do my best. When I work my two jobs on Long Island, I will stay at my home in Wantagh. Also when I plan on going to Jones or Robert Moses Beach in the morning, I will sleep at home.

My bed. That is the the only immediate thing I must get for the apartment. Until I am in a better work situation, I will be living on a tight budget. As for furniture, I am in no hurry. I will try to keep an open mind and take what comes to me by the divinity of God. I plan on going to estate sales, craigslist and freecycle.

My one worry was concerning the nightlife. It came to my attention that Woodside is a big Irish area(!). The area near the LIRR at 61st street has quite an Irish presence apparently. This needs some exploration on my part.

A conversation with my friend, we both declared if we won the lottery we would stay in the exact same neighborhood (he lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn), just bigger apartments. I feel good about that.

Did I move here for the food? Well, yeah I moved here for the food. I have a lot to learn and a big part of my motivation is to grow my inspiration for everything I do from all of these cultures accessible here.

I will have much more about the area in the next few months. This blog will surely take some turns. I am working on a google map to display the different sections of the neighborhood. I need your help!

Wish me luck!

Wiki Woodside, Queens
Jackson Heights Life
Jackson Heights Street Bites board from Chowhound


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