Posted by: Orlick | May 29, 2008

First Annual NYC Food Film Festival: June 14th – 20th

Saturday, June 14th – Friday, June 20th
First Annual NYC Food Film Festival
Official Site

Last year I was at the Water Taxi Beach Bar and they were showing a series of movies having to do with food. Little did I know that this was the precursor to the Annual NYC Food Film Fest.

What a neat fest! Gives me inspiration to create a food film to show here.

Films will be shown at the Water Taxi Beach Bar every day starting at 8 or 8:30 EXCEPT on Tuesday, June 17th where they will hold the screening of a few pizza films in the parking lot of Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Schedule

Here is one of the films being shown – Young Agrarians

Films being shown:
(I am bolding my picks)

A Love Supreme
Dir. Nilesh Patel 9 mins.
A tribute to the director’s mother who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, this award-winning short doc is a record of her preparation of samosas in case her skilled hands become affected.

This Is My Cheesesteak
Dir. Ben Daniels – 40 mins website
Start planning your next trip to Philly now, and use Ben’s doc as your guide. Everything you will ever need to know about Philadelphia’s signature sandwich.

Dir. Craig Noble – 74 mins. website
Sustainable farming, cooking, and eating to the max. This film will make you want to run naked through a field and think twice about that asparagus you just bought that came all the way from Chile.

Dir. Joe York – 24 mins. website
Portrait of New Orleans mixoligist Martin Sawyer, bartender at the Royal Orleans Hotel for over 6 decades.

Young Agrarians
Dir. Johanna Divine – 8 mins.
The next generation of American farmers talks about the challenges and rewards of sustainable agriculture.

La Raccolta (The Harvest)
Dir. Donna Lennard – 30 mins. website
A touching portrait of a community in Umbria, Italy that has been producing olives for centuries.

Best of the Wurst
Dir. Grace Lee – 21 mins. website
Lee takes you on a journey to find the best Currywurst – Berlin’s beloved street food. (2007 NYC Food Film Festival selection that was rained out last year)

Let Them Eat Cake
Dir. Mac Premo 1 min. website
Happy Birthday Baghdad. A clip from artist Mac Premo’s P.S. 1 installation, the collaboration “Emergency Room”.

The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia
Dir. Adly Rizal, Mohd – 2 min. website
Malaysian gonzo food reportage to the max. Watch out Bourdain.

In Pignata: Calabrian Fireside Cooking
Dir. Jessica Theroux – 24 mins. website
Follows a Southern Italian farmer in her eighties through a typical morning on her farm as she ponders the loss of local food traditions.

The Mighty Humble Blueberry
Dir. Nancy O’Mallon – 45 mins. website
An impressive history of the cultivation of the bluberry.

Confessions of a Bar Towel
Dir. Lou Jane Temple – 4 mins.
Mesmerizing short film about the day-in-the-life of a common bar towel.

The Rise of Southern Cheese
Dirs. Joe York & Matthew Graves – 20 mins. website
A look at three producers of artisinal cheeses in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The Death & Life of Ice Cream
Dir. Mind Pie – 3 mins. website
Time-lapse montage of the ice cream family melting.

Brooklyn Pizza
Dir. George Motz – 6 mins. (screening out of competition) website
No dialouge, just pizza, Brooklyn Style.

Holy Smoke Over Birmingham
Dir. – Max Shores – 57 mins. website
A solid overview of the barbeque joints of Birmingham, Alabama.

Pure And Simple
Dirs. Fabrizia Galvagano & Julie Haslett – 10 mins.
A portrait of pizza perfection in the East Village, NYC

From The Ground Up
Dir. Su Friedrich – 54 mins. website
Director Friedrich follows the production of coffee from the trees of Guatemala to the street vendors of Queens, NY.



  1. […] deze maand. Op 21 juni is het weer tijd voor Make Music New York. Ook in The Big Apple, het eerste Food Film Festival. Happen en kijken tegelijk. En in Auckland is al enige dagen in volle gang het Auckland Festival of […]

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