Posted by: Orlick | May 27, 2008

Tortellini – Hell and Back

Freshman year. Sodexho-Dining hall. I was in the minority of people who liked dining hall food. I always got the “special” of the day: quesadillas, corned beef sandwiches, Totally Tortellini, etc. I was even one of those who brought their parents down to the dining hall on parents weekend (and they loved it too, although it pretty much sucks on the weekends).

They also had special meals in different dining halls. I was privy to venturing to different dining halls for an adventure. Some of the other dining halls had options others didn’t and (same as today, although on a smaller scale then) I liked discovering new things around me. My favorite was probably the Dickenson Dining hall, even though it was the oldest and I think they knocked it down, it was the biggest and had the most options – they even had a halal menu which wasn’t that bad.

Totally Tortellini was a special pasta station with different types of tortellini and a few types of sauces and toppings. I believe they started to make it for you fresh by the end of my college career, but I never made it that far. For my first semester at Binghamton, totally tortellini was one of my favorite dishes…

One night it all ended

I’ve never been so sick in my life. This was the first and last time I ever considered calling an ambulance for myself. That night, after eating too much totally tortellini, I ended up on the bathroom floor. I had the worst stomach pains, food came out of all orifices, my entire body hurt when I moved. I couldn’t walk. I crawled to the toilet, and back to the wall. The cold, tiled floor felt so good. That’s the one thing that stands out in my mind – the cold, dry floor. I wanted to lay on it all night. And I did. My body rejected it that school sponsored meal. For the next 8 years, I could not stomach tortellini.


I’m back. Bellagio Pizza of Farmingdale brought me back. One day I developed an opening in my heart for tortellini. I took advantage of the opportunity and ordered tortellini alfredo – you know what? I love it! I’m back, baby.

Thorough Food Poisoning Guide
Brief Food Poisoning Guide
Sodexo’s Official Site (they dropped the h in sodexho)
Binghamton University Dining – They have refined their services quite a bit. Still a hungry monopoly though…
The Great Binghamton List


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