Posted by: Orlick | May 14, 2008

Beedenbender’s Worker Status Bill

Beedenbender, you have officially worn out your welcome. Originally Steve Levy’s little boy, now you are grown up to a big man trying to surreptitiously get rid of the Latin American immigrants in Suffolk. You are trying to get rid of the lowest working class of people, the ones who do the jobs that no one else wants to do for a price no one is willing to take. You think you are helping the community?? Everyone has a right to live here. Everyone should be able to help out. By making it harder for people to live here, you are not helping. Do you think they will now leave? No, they will stay here and be poor. This will encourage crime. This can destroy your neighborhoods. Centereach is going down.

What, did your family come over on the Mayflower?

And what do you expect to happen to the contractors who hire them? Can you imagine what the prices of construction will be? What about all this red tape you are creating? So how long will it take for a contractor to get a group together to do your brickwork.

The law is meant to protect the people. Who are you protecting? Are you fending off the possibility of an illegal alien getting hurt and going to the hospital?? Big Deal! how much does that cost? About a week’s salary of a school paid lawyer. I say get to muckraking. Clean your teeth before you start talking trash. While I am glad to see you are not sitting back doing nothing, I believe you are fearfully hurting Long Island.

You are in way over your head here. You do not know the trouble you will be creating for these people’s lives. Maybe my views are wrong. I think you should try to make everyone happy. oh, sorry, they don’t vote. forget you.

Leg. Cooper’s bill to require the contractors to pay the taxes solves the problem fine, doesn’t it? I say that sounds like a great compromise.

PLUS, there already is a federal regulation doing exactly what you intend. This is superflous.
why don’t you just encourage the enforcement of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act?

This is a rare time I support 100 percent our religious leaders.

Newsday Article: Suffolk Lawmakers Pass Worker Status Bill
Farmingville Movie
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986



  1. Breedenbender stood up and was counted “God Bless him”Leg.Montano&Cooper should join him and make his bill have the teeth they it doesn’thave. We have to wake up and address the immigration problem in America.Perhaps congress will pay attention to this passed bill and get off their buttsand do it nationally.It must start somewhere. Let’s get to it Bill from commack

  2. What does this have to do with food?

  3. specialK:
    where do you think half of them work?

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