Posted by: Orlick | May 9, 2008

Goodbye Wantagh, LI

That’s right. I am moving on. I will still be on Long Island, but where I sleep and my local everything is changing.

I have grown to appreciate my town in the past few years. Part of the reason I like it is there is still a genuine effort by solitary business owners to succeed. We aren’t overrun by chains or prefab strip malls. I see quite a few new stores opening up and stores closing down, it is definitely not easy for someone to stay in business here. I see it as good though. Infrequent does it occur that a great business goes away. Usually I can tell when a for rent sign is coming. Josephines, you will be out soon if you don’t get your pizza straight, you cannot just be pretty. Capri, your pizza is old school like I like it, I only hope that you have the inspiration to do great things with it.

I have done a lot here, and there is still lots more to do. My brother, his family and parents are here. I will be back frequently. I could definitely live here til old age. There is access to anything I can want and if I had a family of my own, I could see myself staying here indefinitely.

Maybe because I grew up here, but I like the food here. It is mostly Italian, but we do have some great spots like the Seaford Harbor Deli, Scuttlebutt, LaBella pizza, Sapporo Japanese, Abes Piteria, some rotating chinese, and within driving distance to levittown and freeport which have some very interesting places themselves.
Here is my list of Wantagh/Seaford food, drink and adventure.

I like Wantagh and Seaford. I grew up here. It will be over a quarter of my life here. Maybe I will be back.

Where am I moving? I am very excited to talk about it. To be revealed soon.



  1. Keep up the good work.

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