Posted by: Orlick | April 29, 2008

Patsy’s Decision – Sue you in September


Does this mean that Patsy’s Pizzeria will no longer be allowed to prostitute out the Patsy’s name? It seems to me that Patsy’s Restaurant should be suing the pizzeria company – they are the ones controlling the name after all. I do not know name rights legality, maybe the food has to closely match the original’s intended menu in order to be a proper sorta-franchise.

The judge will be holding off until August to decide if Syosset Patsy’s gets to keep the name. Another jury is supposed to decide on any cash settlement.

In my opinion,
as a patron, Syosset Patsy’s DID damage the Patsy’s name. I first went to the Syosset Patsy’s with a friend who told me this was a chain in NYC. When we ate there I felt like it was a meaningless chain. It was better than olive garden, but still not the homey feel that you’d expect; it did not blow me away at all. I am actually turned off to Patsy’s now. If I saw it in the city, I would not go because I’ve already gone in LI and it was not great when I went. SOOOoooo, it IS in a sense taking away business – I know b/c it took away my business.

Only after researching the name do I now have the respect for the company.

As for the name game, I would say they have the right since they bought it. How can you argue with that? It’s the Patsy’s Pizzeria’s integrity that is hurting here. I guess it’s a lesson learned for selling your name.

Is it telling that the Staten Island Patsy’s , which lived under the same rules as the Syosset brand, closed last year? I’d say this only proves that there is some integrity in the world. How can they even compete with some of the great italian pizzerias/restaurants in staten island?

Newsday article
Daily News article with great comments


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