Posted by: Orlick | April 24, 2008

Chain Restaurants to Put Calories on Menus – Good.

This Monday, chain restaurants in NYC are being forced to post calorie information on their menus. The government is deeming chain restaurants as restaurants having 15 or more locations across the country.

While being a hard advocate of not interfering with individuals’ abiities to run their own businesses, I am also heavily against most chain restaurants. I believe this will deter people from going to McDonalds, and therefore be more willing to try something new – That is what I am hoping for.

I could care less about the right of the people to know how many calories they are putting in their bodies. I don’t think the problem is the lack of calorie knowledge at all. I think the problem is the polysyllabic, chemically engineered, preservatives that are put in the food at large chain restaurants. I think a problem is the uniformity of towns which choose Wendy’s over their own neighbor’s restaurant. I have a problem with Kate Murray opting for a shopping centers like the ones on 110 in Farmingdale instead of helping independent businesses prosper.

The state believes this will help the obesity problem and prevent diabetes. Little do they know that any restaurant has an unreal amount of salt and fat. What do you think makes it taste so good?? If you want to eat healthy then cook for yourself, look at what you’re putting in your food, buy items along the edges of the supermarket. Try losing your tastes for chips, sweets, sugars, and other crap. It is easier than you think.

I think it will either desensitize people or have a major impact on the fast food industry. People are going to be very surprised to see how many 4 digit menu items they are eating. Getting a blooming onion will be a joke now (and a serving is only a 1/4 onion). This new law may also lead to smaller portion sizes or even multiple portions to an order. What if I said that menu item #2 was 3 servings of 435 calories, %30 saturated fat? I think people would get a kick out of eating more than one portion at a time. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? By the way, I am available for marketing consulting, Arby’s. Leave me a comment if interested. Seriously.

Little do they know it, but finally the government is fighting big business. My libertarian mouth is keeping mum.

Restaurants won’t start being fined until June 3rd.

My friend’s cooking site, lots of choices for healthy and delicious food.
Calorie listings for the main Fast Food restaurants
LoHud News Story
NYSRA Trying to Block the Regulation
Public Opinions on the Ruling



  1. I think it’s a great idea restaurants are being asked to post info. It’s amazing how hard restaurant chains are fighting to hide their nutrition information. It’s hard to eat well when eating out, especially when you have dietary needs or want to watch your calorie intake. Often food items that seem healthy and are marketed that way are not. For this reason, my company just launched a new service called Wellternatives that lets people find nutrition info for thousands of chain restaurants — right from their cell phone or on the web. It also makes recommendations for a healthier alternative to your favorite restaurant meals, hence the name… Wellternatives. Would love to hear what you think of it! Sara

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