Posted by: Orlick | April 20, 2008

Finding the Afikomen Video

An essential part of the Passover seder is the Hiding of the Matzoh. Every year, my father hides the matzoh for the kids to find. The joke of my family is that the matzoh is always in the same place; my grandfather always hid it next to his plate, under the tablecloth, my father always hides it under the table cloth, I will probably do the same. When we were kids it was still fun even though we always knew where it was. We just wanted something to do! and also get a dollar.

For the last couple of years, my father has been making scavenger hunts for my niece. He writes clues on cards and has her searching all over the house for the next clue, the prize is the afikomen. We can only have dessert after the Afikomen is found. She got 10 bucks this year! Yo, I got a dollar if I was lucky.

Here is the video of last year’s Afikomen scavenger hunt:

Don’t Read if you are under 12 years old:
Another fun part of the Passover meal is the legend of Elijah. The deal is that you are supposed to leave the door open (in my house my mother thinks we are going to get robbed so she doesnt do this), and fill a glass with wine to leave for the prophet Elijah. Sometime during the night, Elijah will come in and drink from the glass…

Usually the scavenger hunt is a good time for me to drink from Elijah’s glass. I tell my niece during the presentation to keep an eye on the glass to see when he drinks. The kids usually forget about it by this time, so now is your shot!

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