Posted by: Orlick | April 17, 2008

Knicks Fans Get All You Can Eat

After a dismal season, the boys at the Garden decided they would treat their loyal fans by providing all you can eat food and drinks at the Garden.
Wow – what a great day! I am just imagining all the food I would get! Think about the high end bites you could get! French fries, pastrami sandwiches, chicken fingersss, those delicious sausages, hot dogggs, and all that coke! Yo, whatever, I’m excited by the possibilities.

The Knicks plainly sucked this season. I have been glad every night we don’t play the knicks games on the news program I work for. We did this story though.

Strangely, reports say that by halftime there werent any lines at the concessions. My guess is that people packed up in the beginning and just wallowed in the glory the rest of the game. I’d still be eating.


Newsday Article
AP Article
Jeffrey Tastes post on AYCE Ballparks


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