Posted by: Orlick | April 15, 2008

Omakase! at Kumo – Plainview, NY

I had omakase for the 2nd time recently. It was a little different than my first time. This time it was more refined and structured.

We went to Kumo Sushi in Plainview, NY. Kumo is a nice, contemporary place. The chef is pretty highly acclaimed, and relatively young it turns out.

I told the server I wanted to order from the chef. She looked uncomfortable with that, and the chefs looked busy. I then said to her ‘Omakase.‘ She called to the chef “Louis… omakase”
Chef Louis turned to me and explained essentially that omakase is a menu item and it’s price was $78 for 2. Our decision to split it was a good one.

First, he prepared Toro Tartar:
toro tartar
“Chopped toro with ponzu sauce & caviar”
It was a pretty good size, probably would be too much tartar for 1. Those pieces of caviar were a great surprise. The consistency made it fun to eat and also felt fun in the mouth. It was like a flaked pudding or something. funny.

Black Cod Miso
black cod miso
“Broiled black cod with miso sauce”
I really liked this dish. The flavor was delicate and blackened. There were dollops of some Thai/peanut sauce possibly – I couldn’t identify it. The fish was cooked perfectly – that was no fluke haha. sorry.

He seared these pieces of engawa(fluke outer section) with a torch. I felt like this should be more of a presentation, but no, he did it behind the bar. I guess a torch is a usual piece of equipment. The pieces were easier to eat than engawa sushi, very light taste, but it was interesting to eat.

Main sushi dish:
sushi plate
Nice assortment of pieces including yellowtail, scallops and caviar, fatty tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp (no head) and a special roll.
For an interactive picture of this dish, you can see my flickr page.

Fun experience. All the food was very well prepared, the staff was nice, the restaurant itself is beautiful and modern. I am willing to find out if omakase next time will be the same.

Oh, I almost forgot about the dessert – Again!
dessert omakase
The first time I forgot to take a picture.
It was Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream – which is green tea ice cream inside a “mochi” shell, which gives a feeling somewhere between peanut butter and licorice.

This was a contemporary omakase experience.
I would like to find out if the same menu is be served next time.

Kumo Official Site
What is ponzu sauce?
Mochi Ice Cream


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