Posted by: Orlick | April 14, 2008

Izakaya is My Disneyland

Hey Ange,

I want to tell you about a new experience I had this weekend. I am really excited to tell everyone about it. It’s nearly a turning point in my life. As you know, I’ve been talking about going with the crew to one of these Japanese pubs in the city for a while now. I’ve been especially influenced by a friend on yelp, Brendan W. who always seems to go to the coolest places. He has a list of Japanese pubs, each one I want to check out. So my friend Matt came over this weekend and we met 4 other friends at Village Yokocho around 9th and 3rd ave.

Aright, enought with the informative blog stuff, this place was awesome. Its not a storefront, I dont think many of them are. Here, we walked up a staircase and when we are inside it’s like a sushi hut and then all these casual tables around it. My friend said it made it feel like it was outdoors – and somehow, with the lighting and the air in there, it felt like it was.

It’s basically the greatest drinking environment I’ve ever been in! It’s seriously like disneyland for me. It’s meant for drinking, so there are pitchers of beer and a lot of sake. But then theres more than 4 pages of little bites of food to share. the dishes are like 1.50 – 9 dollars. Theres yakitori, japanese tapas, korean bbq(you cook it on the table) and other things – some wild things too. I saw chicken cartilage on it, and i remember andrew zimmern eating it on his show and he was uneasy with that. we had deep fried squid legs, octopus ballsk, and some fried tofu. It was mixed company and some people were coming from dinner so we didn’t go full on at all. before the other 4 got there, me and matt split an L sake and skewers of scallops, onion, and mushrooms. we did have a few drinks before so by the time everyone else got there my mind was juice.

WE HAVE TO GO with phil and dan and other people – who like to eat, have fun, and drink – all three. Everything else just seems toned down to me now, it’s like this is exactly what I think fun times should be – tables talking your friends, crazy foods and easy, plentiful drinks. PLUS they are a bit hidden, the music is fun pop from overseas, it’s private with your friends yet theres cute girls around, and everyone is eating and drinking drinking.
I still have a smile on my face. like the cat who ate a mouse.

your bud,



  1. Sounds great. Does it get really crowded?

  2. When we arrived at 10, it was crowded and we had a 30 minute wait for a table of 6. by the time it was 1130, there was no wait (saturday). They are open til 3am I believe.

  3. Stumbled on here while trying to find out if the Red Hook Ballfields are open yet or not. But anyway, Village Yokocho (NOT Yokochi as you have it) is one of my favorite places on the planet too! I’ve been there twenty times over the past five years, probably.

    Apparently it’s a fairly typical Tokyo joint (according to my Japanese friend who came with me from Tokyo), in that it has lots of Korean options (Japanified) in addition to various Japanese specialties, the grilled ‘tapas’, etc..


  4. Thanks George. Corrected!

    Can you imagine a place like this being typical??? wow, what bliss

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