Posted by: Orlick | April 10, 2008

Schnack is closed – Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to get one last Schnack in before they closed.
I looked on their website today and they are now officially closed. It is a sad day. They had some good burgers and accessories.
Today I will post a little poem I wrote for this little establishment, who knew it would become a eulogy? I hope to visit again very soon before they go away for good.


122 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 855-2879 Schnack
Categories: Burgers, American (Traditional), American (New), Vegetarian, Hot Dogs
Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Columbia Street Waterfront District

Oh yeah ! Beer shakes, shoestring fries, sliders double triple quad.
What more could you taste – what more can you want?
A trip here from an excursion to Red Hook.
Im hungry ‘lets go to Schnack!’ – Thats all it took!

Friendly service and open air dining room.
Dirty? maybe. See if I pick up a broom.
Give me your grease, your grime, your food.
Man, that Schack put me in a good mood!

Schnack official site
goodbye Schnack blog post from A Brooklyn Life


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