Posted by: Orlick | April 7, 2008

Answering the Challenge – American Burger Company, Hicksville, NY

They lay down the challenge: 4 patties on one burger and you get your name on the wall. Looking up, there must be about 6000 names up there. The hometowns are from all over; Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut… I wonder how far have people come to get their name up there?

Just putting down any challenge is enough to make my mind go crazy. My eyes get big with the thought of defeating a challenge! Imagine, my name up there with those who have conquered the 4 pattie burger….
Well, I did it. So did my brother, for the second time. When I finished, I realized it wasnt that bad at all, I definitely can do at least one more. I chose not to because I knew my sister-in-law would hate me if she had to watch me eat another of those burgers.

I asked to have both our names together on the wall. I thought it’d be cool and unique.

At American Burger, you also have the additional rewards of a red star for 2 of the 4X pattie burgers or a BLUE star for eating 3 or more of the 4X burgers. Eating one more wouldn’t be enough for me though, reward wise. Knowing that I was in the middle of the pack would just hurt my pride too much. Even though I saw about 6 total blue stars and maybe 25 red stars on the whole wall, I still will only do it all the way if at all. Too bad too, I was in one of those endless stomach situations yesterday.

The burger stands about 4 inches tall with a wall of burgers. It is stupid to even try to take a chomp out of the side, you have to do it in chunks rather. Overall, it wasn’t that bad at all. Good burger! the fries arent bad, the shakes taste like yogurt ice cream, the lugnuts suck.

So look up next time you are at American Burger Co. Maybe you will see someone you know, maybe it will be “Jon and Jeff Orlick from Wantagh, NY.”

Here are some other food challenges that you can go on:
76 Oz Steak Challenge at J&R Steakhouse. Here you are challenged to eat their entire steak (in one hour), it looks huge – about a foot and a half across. If you win you get it free and get a T-Shirt. If you lose you have to pay. It’s $60.

This will be definitely be a challenge. Me and my brother can throw it down despite our size. For me, if the steak was good and juicy, I would definitely put up a fight. That’s nearly 5 pounds of steak! I don’t think I’ve ever even seen that much before. I guess it’s 5 steaks big. hmm, if they could cook it like I do, and I didnt have to get up, and I had only one glass of water, AND I prepped the entire week —- MAYbe I could pull it off. It’s on my to-do list.
Just don’t let this happen to you:

American Burger Co. Official Site
Wordhampton Article – About American Burger Co.
Great List of Eating Challenges from AICE. My mind is going crazy now with the possibilities! I don’t think I can do most of these… They seem outlandish.



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