Posted by: Orlick | April 5, 2008

Proof That the Secret Shopper is Real!

Edit – Payment became tough. I do not recommend Mystery Guest anymore. LINK

It took a while, but I have proof that the Secret Shopper is real!
Here is a check for my reimbursement to a restaurant I secret shopped

After a couple of emails saying the check was late, I finally received my check.
mystery guest check - It's real!

After all the naysayers and the years of naivety, I finally received my check.

So there you go, it’s real.

I recommend you do it too. The participating restaurants will be ones with a hierarchy of management structures, so keep that in mind. They will generally tell you some days and times which they have available slots for participants. You pick it and in the next 12 hours or so are expected to fill out a few forms which will take you half an hour.

Hey, I am now being paid to eat and write about food. THAT was one of my goals for the blog.



  1. I have been a mystery shopper since 1994, and some of my favorite assignments are restaurants. I have gotten paid to evaluate everything from fast food restaurants to casual and family dining, all the way up to fine dining. A free steak has the best flavor. ;o)

    There is a list of nearly 200 legitimate mystery shopping companies (that do not charge shoppers to apply) at

  2. please me more info how i can get

  3. […] was working great, I was getting paid loyally and eating at Cheesecake Factory and Vincent’s Clam Bar, but then they changed payments to […]

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