Posted by: Orlick | April 1, 2008

Who’s the Real Patsy?

I KNEW there was something fishy about Al Anthony Patsys of Syosset. The pizza wasn’t quite up to par, and there is no mention of it on the official Patsy’s website.

Now the Syosset location is being sued for use of the name.

There are lots of arguments who deserves the name. Pizza aficionados are quick to point out the difference between the two Manhattan brands. It usually is the argument of who’s sold out to using the least expensive, mass produced ingredients first. Chowhound Discussion started by Jim Leff
The East Harlem is the original location, but the other Patsy’s has already expanded to 6 locations. PLUS, Grimaldis is actually (cousin of original Patsy) Patsy Grimaldi‘s new joint

From a great article describing the difference between Grimaldi’s and Patsy’s:

Lombardi had three disciples, all of whom begat equally legendary New York pizzerias: John Sasso (John’s), Anthony Pero (Totonno’s), and Patsy Lancieri (the original Patsy’s, in East Harlem). These places in turn all begat mini-chains. Patsy Lancieri’s widow sold the Patsy’s name, along with the original restaurant, to an outside group in 1991; as a result, Lancieri’s nephew Patsy Grimaldi changed the name of his Brooklyn Heights restaurant from Patsy’s to Grimaldi’s in 1996 to avoid confusion.


I guess the question is: Who has the right to prostitute the Patsy name?

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What’s up with Patsy’s and Grimaldi’s?




    Contact: Clark Pena, Communications Director
    Tel: 212-410-1263
    Cell: 646-713-3187

    A Landmark East Harlem Institution Celebrates its 75th Anniversary
    Patsy’s 75 years and counting!

    Grilled 12 ounce New York cut steak, 90 cents? Grilled Salmon filet served with fresh lemon, 90 cents? Original coal oven pizza, 60 cents? Soda, ice tea, bottled water, 10 cents? Yes, unbelievable but true. Patsy’s Restaurant a landmark East Harlem institution will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary by rolling back to the 1930s.

    Patsy’s first opened its New York City location at 2287-91 1st Avenue in 1933, having been the dream of a pair of Italian Immigrant newlyweds, Patsy and Carmella Lancieri. Patsy’s established itself as a family style” old fashion type” neighborhood restaurant immediately. Positioning itself in the neighborhood, Patsy’s catered to the growing population of Italian immigrants who longed for the cuisine of their fatherland in a casual family style atmosphere.

    As a result, almost immediately, Patsy’s atmosphere, style and cuisine began attracting many popular famous personalities. Actors and singers such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and others became regulars. Famous New York Yankees, Phil Rizzutto, Joe Dimaggio and Yogi Berra made it a convenient stop. Elected Officials to include Rudy Guliani, Mike Bloomberg, Spiro Agnew and others visited after a day of vigorous campaigning.

    Patsy’s will be celebrating this momentous occasion by rolling back all its prices on its menu. Proclamations will be presented by the office of, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Congress Member Charlie Rangel, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito among others. We will enjoy music, food and yes, the traditional cutting of the cake. Happy Birthday Patsy’s!

    Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008
    Time: Press Conference begins at 11:30 AM
    Event begins at 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Location: 2287 First Avenue, New York
    (117 – 118 Street 1st Avenue)

    # # #

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