Posted by: Orlick | March 31, 2008

Koryodang Bakery – Great Neck, NY

46 Great Neck Rd
Great Neck, NY 11025
(516) 466-9361 Koryodang Bakery
Category: Bakeries

My brother used to work in the area and would see all these people go into Koryodang and coming out with amazing looking pastries and sandwiches.

I went with him to his old stomping grounds to visit the bakery that was.

So this is a Korean Bakery…. Seems awfully French to me… (wait, was that ignorant? shit)

The bread was great. All the pastries and cakes looked perfectly executed. Unfortunately I am not a dessert person at all.

I got the homemade roast beef. My brother ordered a ham and cheese. The meats are on the slighter side of average amount and taste. Nothing special at all. The bread, however, pulls up the slack and makes it a great sangwich. The eastern euro guy next to us got a great looking salad. Unfortunately, I am not a salad person either.

Worth a try for my polar opposite.
koryodang logo

Their product page is funny because it shows what the products will look like if a bite were to be taken out of them. They really do look almost too good to eat, so it’s good to see this much.


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