Posted by: Orlick | March 27, 2008

Some More Jackson Heights Links and Thoughts

After a comment telling me about from ToddG, I found a bunch of other food sites based on JH. There is so much good food to be had here! It would take at least 6 intense months of eating here to experience it fully – How can I ever get everything out of NYC??!!

Google Map of Obscure Street Food in JH
Chowhound thread about the Street Carts on Roosevelt Ave mainly
Goodies First Blog – Reviews of restaurants in Jackson Heights
NY Times Article – Moving for the Food – My sentiments exactly!

To update my prior post’s thoughts, I think I was a bit overwhelmed in Jackson Heights last Sunday. From the info I’ve been researching on it, the communication I’ve received from randoms and a friend who would support the move, and the settling of my mind from all the excitement, I am keeping an eye on JH apartments. I figure if I am there then like-minded people will be there too – such as the creator of Chowhound, the writer of the NYT article above, and other people who I respect. It seems like a great place to buy an apartment. They are big and cost is reasonable – plus if I buy that means I am staying. I wouldn’t mind at all my base being JH.


Part 2 Part 3

This will seem sacreligious to those who know me, but I am realizing now that Red Hook’s Ballfields got nothing on the Heights!



  1. […] UPDATE: After a few days, I delved deeper into my mind and the internet. Here are my latest thoughts and links. […]

  2. Hooray! The more foodies the better for us.

  3. Yeah, and food aside, living in Jackson Heights, you have many subways at your disposal to travel to OTHER areas for food.

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