Posted by: Orlick | March 14, 2008

Review – Village Voice’s Choice Eats

Here are sites with pictures of the food – much better resources than I can provide:
Best blog post for the choice eats event
Metromix Snapshots
Jzderf on Flickr
Blog post from Serious Eats

I think I ate everything… I ate so much I didnt eat for another 24 hours. After about 2 hours at the event, I had trouble standing. Once I got home I could only lie down.

There was so much food that it all became a blur. I have no idea what I ate where. I will try to document them all here with links to pictures and my descriptions of the dishes.

Before the event, I decided that I would try EVERYTHING. If the places were chosen to be at the event, they should be worth a try. I think I only missed a hummus plate and one or two soul food places (there were quite a few of them already).

Some things that stood out in my mind were:
Fatty crab being disappointing, I liked it when I went to the restaurant, but not today.
Madiba’s bread pudding type cake being greatness.
A tuna with mashed potatoes on top which was an interesting experience, but not welcomed by my stomach, especially b/c that was one of my last dishes.
Mongols great carnitas.
Tuscan porchetta and white beans from Maremma was somethign I am not used to but tried anyway. It was very interesting and I am glad I did.
Sunburnt Cow: what a bunch of assholes. They bring mashed potatoes, peas, and beef and it was probably the best dish there.
The soul places were great but I have a hard time distinguishing now.
Nirvana was surprisingly great all around.

Complete listing of participating restaurants. They are all worth a try.



  1. Thanks for the link! I am also tickled that you reviewed a bunch of Binghamton restaurants…when I went to college there, Whole in the Wall was one of my favorites. Well, I was also a vegetarian at the time.

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