Posted by: Orlick | March 12, 2008

Red Hook Ballfields – Seis Anos Mas

Last year my friends and I went to the Red Hook Ballfields for the last few weeks of the season, trying to make the most of something which was inevitably vanishing. There were rumors going around that the fees were going to be so high to apply for a permit that the only ones that would be able to apply were places like starbucks and au bon pan.

It was just announced that they have been given a 6 year extension, along with some new guidelines to follow. While I am glad that they will be around for 6 years, I am still mad at the constant reupping of laws and restrictions put on these food vendors. These aren’t McDonalds, people know what they are getting and risking by coming here. No risk, no reward, right? Well, they are taking the risk away along with the vendors. New equipment will cost $15k-30k for each vendor. We need a cultural philanthropist to step in. I swear, when I am a billionaire, the first things I will give to are means to keep culture alive and not meddled with by the government. Hey, Spitzer, are you busy? You need the PR.
beautiful woman

It looks like opening day may be late because of the preparations. I will keep you posted.

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  1. (found your blog by typing “red hook” “pupusas” into Google and clicking another link)

    I agree with your posting. While good and well intentioned, I think we are overburdened with rules, regulations, laws, etc… I just wish sometimes that common sense would prevail. I still have to visit Red Hook (I’m in Central Jersey) but as a native Salvadoran, I am familiar with the delicious treats that are pupusas. Cheers! (or Salud!)

  2. please let me know if the fields will be open this season 09


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