Posted by: Orlick | March 10, 2008

Dim Sum: Sticky Rice

sticky rice 1
sticky rice open

Sticky rice is an item on the menu that sounds plain – who wants just rice at dim sum? – but it is actually one of the cooler and more complicated foods on the table.

What makes it sticky is the actual rice inside of the leaf. It’s not your everyday white, its a special “glutinous” rice that becomes sticky when cooked. Feels a bit like glue, but to make it sound more appetizing, it feels more like moist chopped eyeballs.

There’s all sorts of good stuff on the inside. I can only speculate, but from the pictures, memory, and a few articles, I can surmise that it was chopped bbq pork or Chinese sausage and these little tiny dried shrimps with some brown sauce between the sheets of a lotus leaf.

I’ve seen old women sell these on the streets in chinatown, next time I will hold out a couple of dollars to them and see what happens.

Lo mai gai !

Wiki Lo mai gai
I would probably never cook this, but here’s a sticky rice recipe
Joongs vs Lo Mai Gai – who wins?



  1. Depending on where you get the sticky rice from, sometime you may also find chicken, chestnuts and shallots among other stuff on the inside.

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