Posted by: Orlick | March 7, 2008

All You Can Eat Ballparks – USA Today

After my trip to Nassau Coliseum the other day, and amorously thinking about ballpark food all week, I happened upon an article in the USA Today talking about All You Can Eat food at baseball parks around the country. What a great idea! My mind started wandering with all the possibilities…

AYCE Ballparks

The seats are normally in the cheap seats, seats they wouldnt normally sell anyhow. Less than half of ballparks are offering it – more than I thought actually.

The foods they offer seem to be the same as they normally offer at the self-serve sections like hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos and soda.

I am a big eater, but actually the biggest draw would that I don’t have to even think about money when I go there – everything is taken care of. Everytime I go to a game, I usually don’t go crazy with buying food. My heritage won’t allow me to get more than one $4.50 hot dog per game. People at these AYCE are averaging over 3 hot dogs and basically one of each other item available.

Does it work out? The prices are at least $30 more for the seats. It’s easy to spend $20 at a park, $30 would be the start of stomach strain. It is definitely borderline. The parks are getting such a premium anyway, it is definitely worth it to them. Just in costco terms.

Of course, there are doubters – people claiming that the caloric intake is 2x a Thanksgiving meal, that this is considered abuse for a human stomach.. blah blah blah. I would say the biggest problem is the waste. The sections range from 72 seats to 1600. There must be a tremendous amount of trash under the seats and barely picked at food. Maybe they should have smaller portions of popcorn/nachos/drinks.

How many hot dogs could I possibly have?? I think I could do 5. Those nachos would be good when that cheesiness gets into the crispness, making that nacho bend! Fountain soda is soo good too – especially at ballparks.

The closest park to NY is Baltimore.

Link to Article
Specifics on Teams



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