Posted by: Orlick | March 5, 2008

Trump Leave – We don’t want your restaurant.

Donald Trump, what does this look like to you?
Donald Trump and Steve Carl are planning to open up their Trump on the Ocean catering hall at Jones beach in 2009. It seemed like just yesterday Albany pulled the rug out from underneath South Shore Long Island residents by giving permission to Donald Trump to build another “Grand” building for all the world to awe at in place of the abandoned Jones Beach Restaurant.

Yesterday a meeting was held in Garden City with the public in attendance addressing the issue of allowing Trump to have a basement in the restaurant. He was shut down 4-1. In an interview with TV10/55, Steve Carl says about Jones Beach and Wantagh that they want “to give it something it’s never had, a great facility.”
YO – Nobody wants you here, Steve Carl. We don’t need you or DTrump to give us a great facility. It’s been great since before your millionaire daddies were born.

I could care less about a basement, I just do not want Donald Trump anywhere near my town. The basement was an excuse to get him out. Jones Beach is already a huge tourist destination, I am not shunning tourists. It is Trump which I am against. It is his gaudy, overextending taste, his massive monuments which do not know how to compliment anything around him. This restaurant is aiming to be the main attraction of Jones Beach. — The main attraction should be the beach!

A restaurant would be great there! One that fit in discreetly with the environment. Some place that served seafood and other foods that came from Long Island and the East Coast. I want to show off why Long Island is so great.

I’d rather have anyone than Trump. Give it to Charles Wang. He is a real Long Islander, he has given hundreds of millions to the Island and wants to build places to create a harmony of community – not to improve his fortune by a fraction of a percent.

Who is for us, who is against us?
Dave Denenberg seems to be against it most of the time, at this interview he thought it was ridiculous that the public didn’t get their piece at the hearing.

News story by TV10/55


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