Posted by: Orlick | March 1, 2008

Nassau Coliseum – Finally I can have the food

I’ve been working sporadically as an usher at Nassau Coliseum for 10 years. I get to see the shows for free and make a little bit of money. The only bad thing is we aren’t allowed to eat.

For 10 years, I see these people with their delicious hot dogs, hot french fries, dry butter salty popcorn, their refreshing coca-colas glistening with those syrupy bubbles, those little ice cream dots, pretzels which heat up the mustard on top of them. Oh, and there’s lots of new items in the coliseum – sushi, sausages, nathans…I remember what a bid deal it was when Shea got sushi. Do they have latin american food there? with all the imports? wouldn’t it be great if their parking lot was filled with mexican style street vendors?? I can’t wait until the Lighthouse project gets underway, anything Charles Wong wants to create for Long Island he should be allowed to, no matter how lofty. I’m sure the food will improve as well. Mr. Wong, I may be looking for a job….

Today I was a spectator. I had actual seats for a change. It feels good to be someone anonymous at the stadium. After the second period started, me and my friends son took a few walks around the outside of the building. I love to peruse the food, get the smells. This time I could eat though!

On a recommendation of a friend, I got one of the sausages. It was sooo good! It was juicy, and the peppers and onions were sweet, plus after a few minutes the roll got moist with the oils from the sausage. Oh! It was excellent.
CJ playing the Globetrotters
A few weeks ago while seeing the Harlem Globetrotters because my friend CJ was playing (!), I got a hot dog and french fries from their nathans. Hot dogs must be one of the most perfect foods. For so long, I had only had a whiff of that questionable meat, finally I could have one. It was $4.50, but that’s okay, it was a special occasion. The taste was what I expected, total comfort. I would have liked it to last a bit longer and a little less bun, but that’s okay, I still love you.
hot dogs on the rollers


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