Posted by: Orlick | February 28, 2008

Remodeling Finished – Back to

It took a few days, but I think I am done making over the website. The categories are set up in a logical fashion. Most of the reviews have situations described why you would like to eat there. — This was a little difficult for me. Other than correcting obvious misgrammar or spelling/punctuation mistakes, I am hesitant to change my old reviews. I want to keep the integrity of the review as a piece, but also not as an advertisement for a restaurant. It was hard not to write the usual “If you….. then I strongy suggest you go here!” blah blah blah. I can’t write that, it give me pains in the chest.

I did change slightly many of them, so I can help people more and still keep the feel of what I was trying to convey without acting like a salesman.

I also reorded the categories, so the comments are way at the top. I want to encourage that most of all.

Check out my blog links. They are either great resources or my close, real life friends – or both!

Site hits are increasing. I am very excited to make this a success. There is still much more I can do, and as my friends are making theirs too I am even more motivated.

I realized I will not run out of things to write about. I love food and eating and endulging. I am backlogged with reviews, dim sum pictures, about food items, and more. Plus I have aver 250 bookmarks with places to go on yelp. I printed them all out and have them in my car ready to go at all times.

Bright future ahead. I am glad it’s a leap year, one more day to eat!

As my friend Gail says, “There aren’t enough meals in a day.”



  1. Nice new layout. Super organized! (It’d surprise me if you are not a Virgo.)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. not a virgo.

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