Posted by: Orlick | February 24, 2008

Website Overhaul

This weekend started a major overhaul with the website. To start, the layout changed to one with more colors and more contrast. I think this makes it easier to read and softer on the eyes.

Also, I reordered the categories list to a more organized fashion by location or style of cuisine. I am keeping the “adventures” categories because I am the most proud of this as well as the “about food” category because this is where the most interesting information should go and these should be very accessible and welcoming. The videos also deserve a category because they are few and far between and people are the most attracted to that usually, especially because I will only feature videos of my own, my friends, or very relevant and useful information. I will always post only useful, relevant information on this blog because its integrity is extremely important to me.

I can see the “about food” and “adventures” categories expanding in the future, but not so immediately. We will see what happens…

The third change, and perhaps the most important is a change in what information I will include in my reviews. After going over some great blogs with my friend and contemplating how to stand out from the rest of the food review sites, I’ve come up with some ways which will be helpful and unique, as well as ways which I will be especially strong in contributing.

1. More Links. I use many sites for help writing my posts. I want to give the reader all the information possible if they choose to delve. I will be totally transparent with where I get my information. I am good at researching, there is no reason why I should keep it all for myself. A concern is not to overwhelm the reader, but if I put it at the bottom it’s more optional, and if you make it that far, you probably want more, right??

2. I realized that I like to, and am good at, figuring out what restaurants will work well for certain situations, certain types of people. I treat it like a puzzle – so many possibilities, so many different styles to expose people to. For every review, I will mention who the place will be good for in what situations.

I am going to go back over all my reviews and recategorize them, and add in who they are good for. This should take a bit, so the blog may go on temporary hiatus – depends how busy I am at work. I don’t want to publish any more, because it is already a large task and I want to get it out of the way before I add more.

I feel good about it. Hope you like the changes. Your feedback is very much welcome – so much so that I added a widget highlighting the latest comments here. I think it’s so cool!

influential blogs/reviewers:
Srini V. from Yelp who always has ASCII art with his reviews
Consultation help from Cookin’ Panda


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