Posted by: Orlick | February 12, 2008

An Adventure in Dim Sum

My newest food adventure is to eat every item on the Fortune Wheel Dim Sum menu.

There are 39 items on this list. I have probably had less than half of the items here. I can probably identify maybe 3/4 of the items by sight.

The goals are to be more knowledgeable about dim sum and I want to get to a point where they allow me to discover some items not on the menu. Also, as always I am aiming to push and expand my tastes. When else will I have a reason to try EVERY item on the menu? The last goal is to document the dim sum menu for the knowledge of my fellow man. People need to know what these foods are and what they can have in life. It is my duty to provide this knowledge for I am not fearful.

I will post pictures and descriptions of every item I eat. I am starting from the top of each section and working down depending on what I feel like having that particular day.

My only concern is: am I ruining dim sum? By making this a goal, am I taking away from the joys of eating? Also, where will the excitement be in the future if I have everything now? Am I wasting it eating by myself for lunch?

Time is short and I am sure many more adventures will come. When I brought the food back, I felt good. When there is no more food to try, I will be sad, but that day most likely will never come.


Wikipedia of course has a great guide to dim sum. I can only outdo wiki by being specific about Fortune Wheel, being subjective to what they feel like, and showing pictures of each. I will do that.



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