Posted by: Orlick | February 9, 2008

Kabab Cafe – Astoria, NY

2512 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 728-9858
Kabab Cafe

Categories: Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean
Neighborhood: Queens/Long Island City

The experience of eating at Ali’s Kebab Cafe is only trumped by the food. My god. The place is as wide as two picnic tables, as long as four. The first half of the establishment is Ali’s Kitchen. You walk in and you will see AMAZING food sitting there, waiting for you. I knew I found love, only a few seconds after entering the door.

People treat Ali like he is one of the gods on easter island – which he actually resembles. There is a process by which the ordering takes place here. As Ali walks up to your table, everyone quiets and pays attention… he then speaks in a very deliberate Egyptian-accented English describing the specials of the day.
“We have Fish, We have Meat, We have Vegetabitarian…
What is your pleasure for today?”

His overpronounciation makes everything sound delicious. He is like an opera singer of the kitchen. Even during the meal, when he announces to other tables, it’s nearly impossible not to turn your attention away. This is a street show that repeats every 15 minutes and I have to watch each one.

We were brought our food by the man himself, as was the case for most of the room.There is nothing that he touches that doesn’t turn to gold. He deboned my friends fish with his bare hands right on our table. He could have fucking whet willied us both and we would have thought he was still charming as hell.

Our food came out very fast, considering the place was PACKED with 10 other people. Not slow at all. I’ve gone twice (in 3 days) and each time the wait was perfectly normal.

Suggestions? If I have to… any whole fish. some shank of some sort. and something you’ve never had before: brains, tongue/cheek, cows foot or mountain oysters(server’s recommendation). I only was able to check the first one. See you again, Ali.

Kebab Cafe in Queens

Review by the Cookin’ Panda



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