Posted by: Orlick | February 7, 2008

Al Anthony Patsy’s Pizza – Syosset, NY

407 Jericho Tpke
Syosset, NY 11791
(516) 802-3507
A L Anthony Patsy’s Pizza
Category: Pizza

Got lost and stumbled upon Patsy’s.

Its so nice to go to an old school pizza shop. Fountain sodas, pizzas on stands to maximize table real estate. Did the tables have red checkered table clothes? I’m not sure, but in my mind they did.

It looks like it used to be a Long Island Diner. Its really cool that a pizza place like this could fill the seating of a diner that size.

The pizza had a great coal oven taste. The food was good, but not reaching the potential that I know it has. Calimari, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, patsy style pizza… Everything was passable, but I feel like it really should have knocked me out considering the ambiance, the menus.

I am realizing that they are probably taking the formula from the Patsy’s of NYC and working from that. That would explain why everything in here makes you think you are about to be engulfed in the warmth of satisfying, great food.

C’mon Patsy’s of Syosset… I know you have it in you. Get to greatness! you have so much going for you! You are so close!



  1. me and a fellow worker of syosset patsys stumbled across this article that you seem to be wavering on your ideas about our resturant. sure we are not up to code like the other patsys you know the city, however we are trying to give more of a long island view of our resturant. concidering that i feeling were doing a splendid job here and have very few complaints about the resturant, please come and try us again and ask for me. i promise you this, you wont be dissapointed what so ever

  2. I could not disagree with this article more. EVERY brick oven pizza they make is fabulous, the Salads are generous and fresh, the service was amazing….. and the actual meals are outstanding. The Calamari is definitely one of the best out there. My feeling is that you may have been there when they just opened their doors. I think you should give it another try because we are regulars in there and I have yet to have something I do not completely love. And yeah it used to be a Diner…. so what… the better to spread out my dear! The inside is fabulous… they are adding an outdoor area (I think)…. really if you are working or living in the Syosset area DEFINITELY try it out. Order a dinner on the way home from work and bring it home to the family they will most certainly thank you for it!

  3. […] the Real Patsy? I KNEW there was something fishy about Al Anthony Patsys of Syosset. The pizza wasn’t quite up to par, and there is no mention of it on the official […]

  4. […] Are the 56th street Patsy’s people mad because this location is not up to par and is giving them a bad name? Quite possibly – and deservingly so. I am mad because this Syosset patsy is giving Long Island a bad name by associating us with sub-standard, mock food. You can read my original review of Patsy’s here, pleading to live up to their reputation. […]

  5. Terrific pizza -try the amazing desserts like the apple caramel pizza. Also the Chicken francese hero with dipping sauce is out of this world . we are regulars and service is always great and owners make you feel at home!

  6. I had a pizza from patsys on my way to the debate at hofstra university. It was simply unbeleiveable. It was probably the best pizza I ever had. I will deffinately be going back

  7. I have been going to this Patsy’s since it opened and really like the Patsy’s Special I have been able to have them leave off the peppers not substitute just leave them off. Their business must be great, tonite When I asked for a Patsy’s special without peppers They said they can’t vary from the menue and I had to take it with peppers. I have never been to a restaurant that refused to leave something off and still get paid for it. I spoke to a “manager” and she told me this policy has always been effect when I asked for the number of the owner she went to the kitchen and never came back. I run a business and I thought it was the customer was always right. This is the first time I have ever gotten so mad that I have posted but not only have they lost me but anyone I come in contact with.

  8. That’s an interesting story, Mark. They probably had them made already in the back waiting for the order. I don’t like the peppers either.

  9. im an employee at patsys pizzeria and i wrote on here a couple months ago and if youd like a patsys special without the hot cherry peppers we have a meatlovers pie which is the same exact thing. we do not like to loose customers there over small mistakes. the person who was your waiter must havebeen new and mistaken and i apolagise for the inconviience but you should definetly come back and i promis you your expirience wont be a bad one. and on another note, out pizzas are made fresh, not already made in the back. everything is fresh if youd liek to believe me or not and i hope that you come back with a new perspective on the resturaunt.

  10. sorry to dissapoint you there Debb, but I was in your Pizza Diner a few weeks ago and was told the same response from our waitress as the gentleman who complained about not being able to having a topping left off or being CHARGED to do so if you insist!!!
    and after the LOOOONG wait, the pizza was just ok, nothing as expected……

    …one other quick note, a friend of mine had stopped in for a quick slice or two of pizza to take out for lunch about a month ago since a large sign outside the diner said “Now serving Slices!”
    and was less than thrilled for paying around $6.00 for 2 slices that were about half the size of a normal slice of pizza from your local Pizza Parlor with half the taste.

  11. hey, i am not from syosset area but try to frequent this place as much as possible, the best pizza i have ever eaten. after reading all the hoopla about this patsys special w/ o peppers i had to see for myself. you guys must be a couple of real rocket scientists, the meatlovers pie is a patsys spec. w/o peppers, for same price. also my family has owned pizza places years ago and know that a special is just that and is specially priced for many toppings not to be changed not because they are premade but because there are alot of crafty CHEAP people who would like to create whatever they would like for as cheap as possible, ex. substituting toppings on spec. creations or removing toppings to get what they want cheaper. so, get the meatlovers or build your own pie and pay the right price for the toppings cheapo. i thought you guys in syosset got some bucks. i prefer a plain pie anyway.

  12. You people are so wrong about Patsy’s.
    I’v been going to Patsy’s in Syosset for the last month.
    Before I went to Patsy’s the best Pizza i tried in Longisland was Emilios in Commack.
    All I got to say is, the pizza at Patsy’s is unbelievable.
    The tomato sauce is as good as anything i’v tried.
    It literally melts in your mouth.
    What i like is, they blend the tomato sauce and cheese perfectly.
    I cant tell you how many other pizza places i’v been to, where the pizza looks like 80% cheese and 20% tomato sauce. You cant even see the tomato sauce.
    Polino who makes the pizza at Patsy’s is as good as anyone when it comes to making Pizza.
    I get the regular cheese pizza.

  13. patsys is a great resterant go eat there today the salmon is excellent go try it

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