Posted by: Orlick | January 29, 2008

Seconds’s BBQ – Amityville, NY

The girls from 2nds

2 Washington Ave
Amityville, NY 11708
(631) 789-0260
Seconds’s BBQ

Categories: Barbeque, Soul Food

Places like this need to be patronized, frequently.

I love New York. I love Long Island.

There is an amazing diversity of people on Long Island, selfishly, I think about their food. Along Rte 110, there are bunch of great BBQ places (as I just read about in the LI Press), I still have to decide which will be my fav. Second’s is a great option, though, if you want your satisfaction smoked.

The food is on the sweeter side of the bbq dial.
Everything seems homemade and fresh. The dishes are all done how they should be, I feel like no part of the meal didnt have care put into it.

KFC? you are dead to me.

If you are a person who is not afraid to venture out into unfamiliar territory:
A. You are a wonderful person.
and 2. You are in for a lifetime of satisfying delicious.

Try Second’s if you happen to pass 11o by way of southern state.


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