Posted by: Orlick | January 27, 2008

Coney Island Lunch – Scranton, PA

be sure this is the one you visit

515 Lackawanna Ave
Scranton, PA 18503
(570) 961-9004
Coney Island Lunch

Categories: Diners, American (Traditional), Hot Dogs

Scranton is on the way to everything, so there’s no excuse for not coming to Coney Island Lunch. If you love a greasy spoon in a city stuck in time, it’s definitely worth the trip. We drove up on the way to Binghamton University, now every time I hear “Scranton” I think of The Lunch.

It’s way old school. The whole town is. I think I might love it there. It’s not thriving, but it’s getting along fine in 1955.

The grill is exposed in the front for you to see when you enter, you feel like they are cooking just for you. The prices were so cheap and the people were so personal, we just kept on ordering more and more food. I could eat there forever. It’s like the excitement of eating here metabolized the food just as I was eating it – what a great state of equilibrium!

Their speciality is the Texas Weiner. Here is a description from the website:

We start with a Berk’s All Beef Wiener. Sliced in half, but not all the way through, and grilled to perfection. Every action is performed in front of the customer, the way its always been. Then we serve it on a steamed National Bakery Roll (a local favorite). Add our Düsseldorf mustard and fresh diced onions (diced by our 1928 Model Hobart Chopper), the wiener is then topped with our famous homemade Chili Sauce. Mmmm..good!!!!

For me, it’s just as much about being in a down-home middle-America type of diner as it is about the food. It’s really just chili dogs, chili burgers and fries. They have other items too, of course, but who’s gonna get a tuna sangwich? The prices are stupid, every thing’s just about 2 dollars.

Go and don’t stop eating til god catches up to you.



  1. There are TWO Coney Island Lunches in Scranton. Because of a family quarrel many years ago, they split. The #1, pictured at the top of this page, is located at 515 Lackawanna in Scranton. The #2, and the BETTER Coney Island Lunch, is a block away and around the corner at 100 Cedar Avenue.

    Right now, April 21, 2008, right in the middle of renovating the restaurant, they had a FIRE. And it was ARSON. They should open in a few weeks.

    We live in Alabama now, but we’ve been going to the #2 restaurant since 1953 . . . and trust me folks, the Texas Weiners, at the CEDAR AVE. location will knock your socks off !!! Check it out.

    Don Downes

  2. Don-
    You are correct about only Two things: 1) There was a family quarrel and 2) The original location was around the corner on Cedar ave.
    However, the grand children of the original owner relocated the restaurant to Lackwana Ave in the early 80’s, because the landlord never put a dime into the place.
    The Coney Island Lunch, located on Lackawanna Ave uses the original family recipe, the same ingredients.
    Check out the websites — you can decide which seems more legit

  3. In response, I remember them moving when I was a kid. We used to go to the Cedar Ave one all the time, and then started going to the Lackawanna ave store when they opened. The Lackawanna ave store definitely has the original recipe, but the Cedar avenue store still has the original appeal that I remember as a kid. Yes, the Ceder ave store is old and dingy but there is something about that feeling when you walk in there that makes you forget they are imposters!

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